Paper Sack Scrapbooks

I love these! They are so fun to make, and especially fun to give. I first made these at the end of my son’s kindergarten year, when as the room mother, I was in charge of end-of-the-year gifts. I made two–one for the teacher, and one for the parapro. I have made more since then, and they are also very versatile. Weddings, vacations, babies, grandparents’ book, and holidays are just a few of the many options.

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  1. You are soooo creative!!! Love your projects! I want to jazz up my receipe binder and you gave me a good idea. Do you have more pics of it? I also like the paper sack scrap book. I can't tell how you did it and would love to learn. You can visit me at I didn't see your follow me box??

  2. We are doing something like this at Super Saturday next week. I hope ours turn out as cute as yours.

  3. So cute! That is a great idea for teachers and grandparents.:) Thanks for your visit and sweet comments! I am having fun 'browsing' your blog;)

  4. I am going to make some of these for christmas gifts. They are so cute, I have never heard of these.

  5. I know this post is not recent but I LOVE these and I'm wondering if you would do or have done a tutorial. Or even a quick written instructions. They are sooooo cute! What a cute teacher gift.

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