DIY Ballet Bag

Make this darling DIY Ballet Bag in no time! Perfect for your little dancer!

DIY Ballet Bag | Silhouette Cameo Project

This was first posted nearly in 2008, and was one of the first projects I ever made with my Silhouette. It’s an easy, beginner project…and on up! I’ve also used this same method to make many different kinds of bags, and there are just so many options! 

My girls love their new ballet bags, and they’re perfect for taking to their dance class. They’ve even used them other times, like small trips in the car, the library, or any other time they need to carry “their stuff”.

If you don’t have a Silhouette, you can certainly use an iron on transfer design you like and fabric/heat ‘n bond.

Easy DIY Ballet Bag: Silhouette Cameo Project

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First of all I want to say that you don’t have to have a Silhouette to make these bags. I would just look for an iron-on transfer of whatever you’re looking for. I’ve seen them at JoAnn Fabrics, and other sewing/hobby stores. You would use fabric and heat ‘n bond to create the name, following the package directions. The rest of it–the ruffle–is the same.

1. I found the ballet stick figure in the online Silhouette store, and the font I used for the names is Impervious. I cut it out, and ironed it on the bag.

2. Since the bag was already made, I couldn’t sew a ruffle directly onto it (at least that I knew how to do!). So, I took a piece of the black & white gingham fabric, and measured it to fit my bag. I then cut out about a 1 1/2 inch wide piece of the pink, the entire length of the fabric–about 36 inches.

3. I sewed the pink on to the gingham to make a ruffle, like I did HERE. I used one entire strip, and had to use a little of another one.

4. To attach the whole thing to the bag, I used wonder under, even though I wish I would have used heat ‘n bond. They do the same thing–wonder under you buy by the yard at the cutting desk, and heat ‘n bond you buy in packages or rolls. I find heat ‘n bond easier to use, but I think it’s a personal preference.

ballet bag |

I LOVE them. They will be perfect for ballet shoes, leos, tutus, skirts, and maybe even a little snack. Can’t wait for ballet next week!

You could make these bags for a myriad of things–library books, groceries, teacher gifts (stuffed with school supplies), overnight or car trip bags…anything you like! They would also make darling gifts or party favors!

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  1. Hi, Kierste! I just ordered my Silhouette machine today, and I am SO excited!!! How long did yours take to come in? I love the projects you shared today. I think I'll have to make an entire Silhouette idea folder on my computer. ;)

  2. Amanda! I'm so excited for you! It didn't take too long–about 4-5 days. Definitely make an idea folder–I have one, too! Let me know how it goes!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! Love the bags. The burp rags would be adorable for my "almost-here" grandson. I've always wondered if I would use one enough to warrent the purchase, but just these ideas makes me think I would.

  4. Can you send me your spread sheet through email? I would love to see what you were going to try with your silhouette. I just got mine and I want to do some fun stuff, but just don't know where to start.

    eric_danielle at netzero dot com

  5. I always wondered how to work the ruffle or fabric onto an existing canvas bag. Now I know. So cute!! :)

  6. Those ballet bags are absolutely adorable. Thank you so much for sharing the project. Excellent idea to sew the ruffle on the fabric strip and then heat and bond it to the bag. Simple. Elegant. Effective.

  7. those are so cute!!! the heat transfer option is the coolest of them all, hoping i win your giveaway so i can try it out!!
    are you able to use any of your own fonts, or their selection? i cant remember if i read that on their site or not. have to check it out again {and drooL!}

  8. Danielle-I will send it! Give me a couple days to add to it, and then it's yours!

    Kelly–You can use any fonts on your computer. LOVE that feature, because I have a lot of fonts and want to utilize them.

  9. I am thinking the brown shirts with orange construction vehicles will be so very cute!! Its hard to find "cute" big boy shirts now these days!!

  10. The burp cloths are so cute but I am wondering how they will wash up. I haven't tried an iron on yet because I am afraid after one wash it will come right off. Have you washed yours yet?

  11. Cute stuff! I felt the same way. I've been staying up nights thinking of all the things I want to do!

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