30 Minute, 30 Day Organization Challenge

Take this doable 30 Minute, 30 Day Organization Challenge…get organized in 30 minutes a day for 30 days! Print your free calendar and get started today!

30 Day Organization Challenge

One of my favorite things about the new year is is getting everything tidy and organized. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays over, it’s the perfect time to declutter.  That said, this organization challenge can be done anytime during the year, which I regularly do, but January is a natural fit!

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The 30-Day Organization Challenge

There seem to be certain areas that can have a tendency to get disorganized with use, and retain clutter. For this challenge, you can tackle those areas in 30 days, 30 minutes per day.  If you think 30 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, just give it a shot–you’ll be amazed at what you can do when you really put your mind to it, and you’re prepared with everything you need. If you need more time on a particular project, you can always do it over several days instead of one.

I’ve created a printable calendar to follow, with each day assigned to a specific task.  You’ll see that when it comes to larger projects, like kitchen drawers, cupboards, the pantry, and closets, I assigned them each 3-4 days instead of 1.  I also included a blank printable calendar. If it works better, you can make your own schedule, or add/change the projects and timing.

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Organization Challenge Areas:

  • Fridge & Freezer–throw out expired food, wipe everything down
  • Vehicle--vacuum, wipe down seats and interior, add a trash bag and organizers if needed
  • Nightstands–throw away trash, remove unnecessary items
  • Dresser drawers–refold and straighten clothing, add organizers for specific clothing items if needed
  • Books–straighten books, organize according to preference (genre, size, color, etc.), donate any extra or unused books
  • Kitchen drawers–remove all contents, wipe them out, remove any broken items, add organizers if needed
  • Kitchen cupboards–remove all contents, wipe them out, remove any broken items, donate unused (but in good repair) appliances or items
  • Wallet/purse–remove contents, throw away old papers and trash (and smooshed goldfish crackers), file receipts, check for expired cards
  • Pantry–remove all contents, wipe down shelves, organize food into categories so it’s easy to find, use storage bins and baskets for extra organization
  • Laundry room—wipe down drawers and cupboards, restock laundry detergent/supplies, wipe down washer and dryer, remove any unnecessary items or clutter
  • Art/craft supplies: Throw away old markers, glue sticks, broken crayons. etc.  Add organizers if necessary.
  • Toys/Games: Throw away broken toys and games (with lost pieces), donate unused items, or those that your children have grown out of/
  • Makeup drawer:  Throw away old and expired makeup, wipe out and clean drawers/containers, add more storage as necessary.
  • Closets: Take out seasonal clothes not being worn, go through clothes for proper sizes. throw away any broken coat hangers, donate unused clothing/shoes, make a pile of clothes that need mending.
  • Linen closets: Refold sheets, towels, and blankets.  Organize medical supplies (throw out expired medication), and extra bath/hygiene items. Add storage containers as needed.
  • Garage: I save the biggest garage organization for the summer, when it’s warm outside and not snowy! In the winter, I make sure all of our snow/winter items are organized and ready to be used. Making a place for snowboots, snowpants, sleds, snow shovels, the snowblower, etc., is my goal during January. I also sweep everything out really well. If you live in a warm climate, obviously this list would be a little different!
  • Mail:  Clean off those counters and desks!  Go through all your mail, throw away junk mail, shred anything with your name on it/sensitive information, file away anything that needs to be saved.
  • Office: Organize office supplies, throw out any broken items, remove unused items. Go through all papers, file or shred as needed.
  • Receipts:  Go through all receipts–file or shred.
  • School papers:  Go through all school papers…throw out any outdated papers, file papers you’re going to save.

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Tips for success:

  • Prepare for each day’s project.  If you need new baskets, bins, and/or storage containers, have them ready to go.
  • Have trash bags, plus boxed labeled for recycling and donation.  As you are organizing, you can also be organizing the clutter/trash at the same time!
  • I have a great list for what to throw away, donate, or recycle…it’s a handy guide to have on hand as you go.
  • Do the best you can to set aside 30 minutes that can be as interrupted as little as possible.  With young children that can be a challenge, but I often do projects like these at nap time or after bedtime.
  • My “tool kit” includes a label maker, duct tape, sharpie, trash bags, and a cleaning rag/spray to wipe down shelves and drawers as needed.

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Fill-in-the-blank Schedule

Favorite organization projects:

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