Easy Kitchen Pantry Organization

I used some of my favorite storage baskets and bins to complete this kitchen pantry organization, and they made all the difference!

Organized Kitchen Pantry

After moving nearly 20 times (it’s true!), I’ve learned a lot about getting organized and trying to get settled into a new place. It’s so fun and exciting, but there’s always so much work to be done. That said, I think there are a couple of spaces that really make so much difference for the whole home, and they’re the ones I always tackle first after a move. If I can get the kitchen and pantry under control and organized, the rest of the house seems more manageable.

Kitchen Pantry Organization

Kitchen Pantry Organization

One of my good friends recently moved into a new home, and I had the opportunity to go and organize her pantry for her. It was so fun to do, and I’m so glad she let me have free rein! Her pantry isn’t huge, but with these kitchen storage baskets and bins, we were able to fit everything she needed to inside.

Kitchen Pantry Organizers Baskets

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Favorite Kitchen Storage Bins & Baskets

These darling baskets and bins completely transformed this pantry, and now everything is in its place and easy to find.

Pantry Storage Baskets

I’m a huge fan of clear storage containers in the pantry. They make it super easy to see exactly what you have, and how much. For this mom of four active boys, she likes to have cereals, healthy snacks, and lunch items within reach. She can also clearly see when they’re running low of something, which makes it so easier to plan shopping trips.

Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart has a great selection of these clear containers, in several different sizes. They’re reasonably priced, look great, and make for a very beautiful and organized pantry!

Kitchen Pantry Makeover
Clear Kitchen Storage Containers

I also selected the cutest hyacinth baskets to fill the other pantry shelves. I love love them! They come in a 2-pack for only $19.99, and at $10, they’re a total steal. I adore the handles, which give them even more charm. They give the pantry a very finished but accessible look, and they’re perfect in the space. (I actually have them throughout my home in difference places–they’re very versatile!)

Kitchen Storage Basket
Organized Kitchen Pantry

She already had some clear containers to keep canned goods organized, and they’re on a middle shelf for quick access when cooking and making meals. I also utilized some white plastic bins she had that fit perfectly on the very top shelf. The clearance to get to the shelf isn’t very high, so these were just the right fit. Inside are items that aren’t used very often, as well as items she wants to be out of her kids’ reach.

Kitchen Pantry Storage

In the end, my friend loved her kitchen pantry organization, and that is the most important to me. I’m so glad she has a pantry that works for her and her family in their home!

For even more of my favorite pantry storage baskets and bins, check out this post!

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Easy Kitchen Pantry Organization

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