How to Organize Winter Gloves and Hats: The Easy-to-Find Guide

Prevent morning scrambles by finding an easy storage solution for winter accessories with this quick guide on how to organize winter hats and gloves.

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Winter is on the way, and that means it’s time to organize winter gloves and hats. Discover solutions to common problems–keeping track of winter gloves and hats, and finding space to store them. You’ll find options for all different space sizes.

How to Organize Winter Gloves Hats Scarves

Around these parts, mid-late October means it’s time for all of our gloves, mittens, hats, scarves, and winter gear to make their way up from basement storage and into the mudroom for easy access and use. 

I find it key to get everything organized for the season, because when they came home from school or being outside and don’t have a place for all of it to go, it creates clutter and chaos. Every year we experience a lost glove or two, but I work to minimize that, and make our outdoor gear quick and easy to find. It makes life so much easier when you have a place for everything, and then kids know not only where to find them, but where to put them back!

I’m detailing how I organize our winter accessories, plus a few other options depending on your space.

How to Organize Winter Gloves Hats Scarves

Storage baskets

Here in upstate NY we get so much snow, but even if you live in a milder climate, odds are it gets chilly enough that you need to have even a few winter accessories on hand. Over the years I’ve tried several storage ideas, and it’s mostly depended on the layout of our house. In this home we have a mudroom with a bench in the middle of the lockers, and it’s the perfect spot for baskets.  

How to Organize Winter Gloves Hats Scarves

My kids hang scarves on their coat hooks in their locker, so I only needed two baskets–one for hats, and one for gloves and mittens. I like separating hats and gloves so they’re not digging through to find them. I’ve found that keeping them individually in coats or their own lockers has resulted in more lost items, so I have my kids put them back in the basket when they come home. We’ve used different bins in past years, but they weren’t quite right for the space, so I went looking for something that would work better.  

TIP: Each year when you put away the gloves and hats, get rid of any that are ripped or torn, or only have one glove. Donate those that don’t fit or they didn’t wear the entire season. When winter comes around again, you’ll only have the ones you know you’ll use. This ensures you only have what you need in your basket!

How to Organize Winter Gloves Hats Scarves

I chose this particular basket for a couple of reasons. It’s actually a laundry basket– wider and shorter than some of the others I’ve used, which works well under my bench. It also makes it easier for the kids to find what they’re looking for.  The liner is removable, so I can wash it if I need to. And that adorable chicken wire fits the farmhouse style of the room perfectly!  It’s a simple solution, but I’ve found that simple usually works best. 

With baskets I was able to utilize the empty space under our bench. Under cabinets or on shelves would also work well for baskets. Even right next to the door if you have some open space.

How to Organize Winter Gloves Hats Scarves


Lined Chicken Wire Laundry Basket

Lined Wicker Laundry Basket

Storage Cube Organizer

If you keep your winter wear in a hall closet or coat closet, storage bins or baskets can work on shelves, or even on the floor, depending on space. Another option is a a storage cube organizer with fabric bins. They work really well in closets of several different sizes, because they can be turned to stand vertically or horizontally, and come in varying cube size options. We use them in several of our kids’ closets, and love them. Use for seasonal organizing in a hall closet. Switch out the gloves and hats for swim towels and sunscreen in the summer! 

These would work well outside of a closet too, in an open area with no closet space. Because everything is hidden in the baskets, it won’t detract from the room. I have the foldable wicker baskets show below, and I adore them.

Hanging Shoe Organizer

Another smart storage solution is to use a hanging shoe organizer as a simple and effective seasonal storage system. Into each pocket you can tuck gloves and hats, and place scarves, and it hangs right over the door. It’s perfect for small spaces!  If it won’t fit over the closet doors, you can also try hanging it on the main closet rod. Organization is a breeze because a different member of the family can each have a row. Making it easy for kids to know exactly where there items go is key.

This is a great idea when working with a smaller space. If you don’t have a closet available, try hanging on the back of your garage entry door, facing the inside of your garage. Use command hooks to hang them on the door so you’re able to close your garage entry door securely.

Over-the door organizer

Over-the-door organizer with different-sized pockets

These storage options don’t have to be just for winter, and can easily be transitioned into each season. I like being able to utilize items in multiple ways, and you can never go wrong with extra storage.

All of these items are multi-functional as well. Use for extra blankets, throw pillows and other storage items. They also add style to your space! 


Will this work with only one basket?

Absolutely. Over the years we’ve lived in many different houses and apartments with differing amounts of space and storage. We’ve had to use different methods based on the space we had. If baskets will work best, and you have only room for one, then absolutely do it. Combine hats and gloves, but only keep out the ones that will be used, so there aren’t so many to go through.

What if I can’t put the organizer over the door?

Try using command hooks to hang on the door itself. Be sure to check the weight limits, and get the ones that hold the weight you’ll need.

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