Easy DIY Ski Storage Rack

Make this easy DIY Ski Storage Rack in an hour! Perfect for garage or basement storage all year long.

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Our family loves to ski. It’s one of the reasons we also love winter! Even my littlest has now joined the ranks, and with all of our skis adding up, we REALLY needed a place to store them. Not only a place where we would have easy access to them through the ski season, but also easily store them for the rest of the year. We decided on our garage, so it would be close to our vehicle for faster loading. But this would also work well in a basement, or any place you have space.

This is such a quick and easy project…and great for beginners too. In about an hour you can put this ski rack together, and have organized ski storage! I just love that we have a designated place for them–close, but still out of the way.

It’s a simple ski rack solution that keeps skis in place, and gets them up and out of the way.  Each of us has a ski bag that keeps our boots, helmets, goggles, mittens, and balaclavas.  We store them on basement shelving, instead of the garage.  But you could also build this in a basement, and add a shelf above or below for ski bags (they are backpack-style, and we LOVE them!!) or boots and other gear.

DIY Ski Storage Rack


  • 3/4 inch plywood
  • 7/8 inch wood pegs (dowels), cut to 6 inch lengths (2 per set of skis)
  • #8 screw hooks (1 per set of poles)
  • Wood glue
  • Measuring tape
  • pencil
  • 7/8 inch spade bit

This rack was built to store seven pairs of skis for our family, but it’s easily customizable for as many pairs as you need.  This is also a great way to store XC skis! The small hooks are perfect to hang poles right next to each pair of skis.  


Cut the plywood 4 inches wide by whatever length you need–and how many sets of skis you’re planning to hang. We left 8 inches in between each set of pegs (measured between the center of one set of pegs, to the center of the next set of pegs), plus 2 inches in between each set of pegs, plus room at each end.

You’ll need a set of pegs for every set of skis. If you’re not sure about the length, you can always cut the 4 inch width, add all the pegs and hooks, then make the length cut at the very end.

DIY Ski Storage Rack

TIP: We don’t recommend using MDF, in place of the plywood. Plywood is stronger, and more resilient when getting wet–which happens with skis.

Cut the pegs to 6 inches in length. You’ll need two per set of skis you’re hanging up. They come in 3 foot lengths, so you should be able to get 6 out of each one.

Carefully measure and mark where the pegs will go. Each set of two pegs are 2 inches apart, measured from the center of each peg.

With a 7/8 inch Forstner bit, drill the holes for each set of pegs. Use wood glue to adhere the pegs into the holes.

Add the screw hooks–one per set of poles. We put ours to the left of each set of skis, centered in between in each set of pegs.

Cut the final length, if you haven’t done that yet.

When it gets warmer outside, we will add a sealant, but since it’s SO cold here right now, we’re going to wait. If these are in your basement, you may need to worry about that step, but you certainly can if you want to. 

DIY Ski Storage Rack
DIY Ski Storage Rack
DIY Ski Storage Rack

Now you’re ready to hang your DIY Ski Storage Rack! We screwed them into the studs in our garage (3-inch screws), high enough up so we would have room still put things up against the wall if needed.

DIY Ski Storage Rack


How has the storage rack held up in the garage?

In 2023, it’s been 4 years since we built this storage rack and it’s still going strong! It works really well, and we still love it.

Can you build this ski rack in the basement?

Yes, it would work in the basement–just make sure you have a wall you can attach it to.

Is the ski rack customizable in length?

Yes, you can build this to your own specifications, and how many pairs of skis you need it to hold.

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*Originally posted 2019.

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  1. love this! we have our skis shoved into a storage closet in the garage and we never know what is going to fall out when we open it! I love this! laura

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you love it! And I totally get it…before this rack, ours were a mess! xoxo

  2. 5 stars
    Great idea, thanks for sharing! From the photos it looks like the peg holes were drilled all the way through the plywood base, in which case a spade bit would work. Forstner bits are used to drill a flat-bottomed hole (i.e. the hole doesn’t go all the way through the wood). I mention this just because Forstner bits can be a bit pricier and harder to find than spade bits.

  3. How do you keep the skis from sliding too much? Ours slid down and are resting on the pegs closer to the curve of the tips. I don’t want to ruin the skis.

    1. We have one pair that flips a bit also, I just add a rubber band at the end of the bottom the skis and that keeps the skis together; been doing it for 4 years with no issue!

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