Kitchen Pantry Makeover: Tips for Easy Organization

A simple kitchen pantry makeover that’s both functional and aesthetic. Helpful for pantries of all sizes!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and an organized pantry can make such a difference in several ways. A good friend of mine recently asked me to help organize her pantry, and with just a few changes it became both functional and beautiful in less than a couple of hours. I’m sharing my favorite tips that anyone can do to create a useable and organized pantry in no time!

Organized Kitchen Pantry

I was really excited when my friend asked me to give her pantry a little makeover, and I couldn’t wait to get started! Her pantry isn’t huge, but with these kitchen storage baskets and bins, we were able to fit everything she needed to inside.

These tips will work no matter what size pantry you have, whether it’s a small closet space or larger walk-in area. I’ve utilized them in apartments and houses, and you’ll be able to do the same.

Kitchen Pantry Organization


This is the before photo, and it shows what her pantry looked like when I started. You can see that she did have some bins and baskets in use, but it needed a bit of tweaking to make them work for her. None of the items were removed from the pantry–just shifted and re-organized the space.

Easy Kitchen Pantry Organization


What a difference from start to finish! Now she has everything at her fingertips that’s needed to make meals, pack lunches, and utilize that pantry. Her family is now easily able to find snacks and navigate meal prep when needed.

I like to use a combination of baskets, bins, and clear containers to organize a pantry.

Kitchen Pantry Organizers Baskets


These darling baskets and bins completely transformed this pantry, and now everything is in its place and easy to find.

Use baskets for items that are in packages, boxes, and bags. They hide everything in plain sight! You get a streamlined look, but everything is still very accessible. Place them on the floor of the pantry and fill with potatoes, onions, apples, and similar items.

Organized Kitchen Pantry

I selected these cute hyacinth baskets to fill the other pantry shelves. I love love them! They came in a 2-pack for only $19.99, and at $10, they’re a total steal. I adore the handles, which give them even more charm. They give the pantry a very finished but accessible look, and they’re perfect in the space. (I actually have them throughout my home in difference places–they’re very versatile!) The baskets are linked below, but you can use any baskets you like, or even already have on hand.

TIP: To make packing lunches easy, fill several baskets with items you regularly use, such as individually packaged snacks, juice, fruit cups, etc. Just grab and go!

Pantry Storage Baskets

Clear Containers

I’m a huge fan of clear storage containers in the pantry. They make it super easy to see exactly what you have, and how much. For this mom of four active boys, she likes to have cereals, healthy snacks, and lunch items within reach. She can also clearly see when they’re running low of something, which makes it so easier to plan shopping trips.

Use clear containers for things like cereal, pasta, crackers, snacks, and even nuts.

The ones I used are by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart, but you can also find them at a number of other stores, including Amazon.

She already had some clear containers to keep canned goods organized, and they’re on a middle shelf for quick access when cooking and making meals. Clear is important when organizing canned goods so you can see what you have. The

Kitchen Pantry Makeover
Clear Kitchen Storage Containers


Add chalkboard labels to the front of each basket so you can tell what’s in it without having to pull the basket down! These clip-on chalkboard labels work great on baskets that might not work with stick-on labels. The ones I used below were fine, and I already had them, but they were trickier to keep on. I’d use the clip-on labels or something similar for wicker baskets. On plastic bins or baskets, the adhesive will work great!

Kitchen Storage Basket


I utilized some white plastic bins she had that fit perfectly on the very top shelf. The clearance to get to the shelf isn’t very high, so these were just the right fit. Inside are items that aren’t used very often, as well as items she wants to be out of her kids’ reach.

This is a good example of utilizing what you already have on hand. To keep things symmetrical and balanced, group matching baskets or bins together on one shelf. I was able to take the three white plastic bins she had and use them on that top shelf, and it works really well with the others I used. They are often less expensive than baskets, so mixing and matching will save money too.

Kitchen Pantry Storage

Where to find

Take a peek at even more of my favorite pantry storage baskets and bins.


Where can I find everything you used?

Find all the links at the bottom of the post–either the exact item, or a similar item if it’s no longer available.

How do I know how many baskets and bins I need?

Measure your space first–each shelf’s depth, width, and height. That will help you determine how many you need.

In the end, my friend loved her kitchen pantry organization, and that is the most important to me. I’m so glad she has a pantry that works for her and her family in their home!

More organization ideas

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*Originally posted 2019.

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  1. Love the organized pantry. I cannot wait until our new kitchen is installed so I can begin to organize it using some of your tips. Where did you get the labels you have on the baskets and plastic containers?

    1. I got them on Amazon! (affiliate link) They worked perfectly on the plastic bins, but they didn’t do as well on the baskets. I switched them out for these hanging chalkboard tags: (affiliate link)

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