Farmhouse Pantry Storage Items

Favorite farmhouse pantry storage items…all you need to organize your farmhouse pantry in no time!

I love love an organized pantry–having a place for everything so it’s easy to find. And…I love all the pretty jars and baskets and bins! Having an organized is finding what works for you, and that’s going to be different for everyone.

Farmhouse Pantry Storage Items

For me, my pantry has looked different over the years. I don’t use as many jars right now because I have lots of kids that are in and out of my pantry, and I like to have bins and baskets that aren’t breakable. One day, though, I want all the glass jars!

I absolutely love the OXO containers with the good grips lids. I have a bunch on my lower pantry shelves that are perfect for snack items like granola bars, pretzels, goldfish, and crackers. I also keep my flours and sugars in them as well. We go back and forth a lot from the pantry and Baskets and bins are great for so many things–boxes, bags, canned goods, and more.

(This is a pantry I did for a friend…hop on over to my post to see the before and after!)

I’ve gathered a bunch of my favorites…I love them all!

Farmhouse Pantry Storage Items

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