Playroom Organization: Storage Ideas

Easy and simple Playroom Organization storage ideas…organize your playroom in no time!

Playroom Organization: Favorite Storage Ideas

When we started planning to finish our basement, the one thing I knew we had to have was a large closet for all of the toys and games. I wanted to be able to shut the doors and have it hidden, but be able to store the toys in a way that would make it easy for the kids to access them.  I’m SO happy with how it turned out, and it’s exactly what we needed in the space. I’m especially happy with the playroom organization—simple but effective!

Playroom Organization: Favorite Storage Ideas

Playroom Organization & Favorite Storage Ideas

I love love an organized playroom that’s not complicated, and with a place for everything. I want my kids to be able to easily find toys, then put them away in the right place.

When it comes to playroom organization and storage, I prefer sturdy plastic bins and buckets. Kids are so tough on them (at least mine are!), and I want them to last as long as possible.  I’ve used similar storage bins and baskets for many years, and they’ve worked so well, I’ve stayed with them.

I also prefer open bins, so I actually leave off the lids of the plastic totes.  It makes it easier and faster for kids to put things away, and I’m always on board with that!

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Playroom Organization: Favorite Storage Ideas

I saw these adorable fabric bins and knew they would be perfect for all of the toys that I didn’t have a lot of–the ones that wouldn’t fit in a really large plastic tote or tub.  Items like small cars, dress up jewelry, blocks, gears, army men, and other smaller toys work perfectly in them.

Playroom Organization: Favorite Storage Ideas

The plastic bins sans lids are a great size–not too big, but big enough to fit quite a lot in them!  Legos, Little People, play food, Lincoln Logs, train sets, race car tracks—these are the types of toys that I put in them.

Playroom Organization: Favorite Storage Ideas

The gray tubs on the very bottom are the perfect thing for big cars, trucks, airplanes, baby dolls, and other bulky and large items. They’re super sturdy, and the handles are great for kids being able to lift them or pull them over to put them away.

The closet goes in pretty deep on each side–which you can’t see from the front angle.  On the left hand side, games and puzzles are on the shelves–I have baskets for card games. Little People farms/castles/play structures are easily accessible by the little ones on the floor.

Playroom Organization: Favorite Storage Ideas

The other side has waffle blocks and building bricks.  (Two of their FAVORITES!!)

Playroom Organization: Favorite Storage Ideas

The top shelf is empty right now, but we’re organizing all of my girls’ American Girl dolls and accessories in plastic totes, and they’ll up there where littles can’t get to them.

Playroom Organization: Favorite Storage Ideas

And to keep it all organized, I use one of my favorite possessions ever, label maker, to label every bin, tub, and basket. What a difference this makes!

Playroom Organization: Favorite Storage Ideas

This simple playroom organization system is my favorite…I love an organized space!

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    1. They’re from IKEA, but you can also find them on Amazon, which is where I actually got them, because they were out of stock at IKEA. Here’s the link: (affiliate)

    1. Hi, Megan! I’ve tried to go back and find the exact color we used, and I can’t seem to locate it in my files. :( I’m so sorry! I can tell you that it came from Home Depot, and it was in the their “7 day section”–the carpet that they can get in the store and delivered within 7 days. I’ll keep looking!

  1. Hi Megan,

    We’ve been talking about converting the end of our rec room to a closet with white barn doors. And there you were! Only picture I could find!

    Where did you get your doors and hardware?


    1. Hello! We made the barn doors, and the hardware came from Amazon. We’ve used the same hardware all through our house, and it’s been great! (affiliate link)

  2. Adding a closet as well in our basement! How deep is yours if you don’t mind my asking?

  3. SO love this space! Can you tell me where you got your shelving hardware? I’m ready to add shelves for allllll the toys :)

    1. Hi, Laura! We bought the shelving hardware at Home Depot. And YES, I totally understand…so many toys!!

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