Easy $15 DIY Wooden Blanket Ladder

Make this farmhouse style DIY Wooden Blanket Ladder for about $10…and in less than an hour!

Wooden blanket ladders are full of farmhouse charm, but they can be utilized in other decorating styles as well, make them really versatile.  I love them as decor, and store blankets–they’re adorable and functional.

We have a lot of windows in our family room. They go all the way around the room, except where the fireplace goes, leaving me very little wall space. I adore all the windows and light, but it does limit me when it comes to decor.  However…there was one thing I knew I wanted, and that I knew would be perfect in the corner of the room, between the windows.

DIY Wood Blanket Ladder
Easy $15 DIY Wooden Blanket Ladder
DIY Wood Blanket Ladder | oldsaltfarm.com

Beat the price…make your own wooden blanket ladder!

If you’ve searched around to buy a wooden blanket ladder, they can be really pricey. I’ve seen plenty I really liked, and even loved, but I just could not bring myself to pay that much for them.  So…I made my own!  It’s an hour (or less) project, and you can make one for around $15. It actually cost me less than that, because we already had the screws–but it’s around $9 in wood. You really can’t beat that! It makes me want one in every single room of my house.

I like a chunkier look, so I used 2×4 posts, instead of thinner wood. I’ve also seen some ladders with slanted rungs, but I prefer them straight.

DIY Wood Blanket Ladder | oldsaltfarm.com

DIY Wooden Blanket Ladder Tutorial


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P.S.  The wreath is from Hobby Lobby, and the blanket is from Target!


First you need to decide how tall and how wide you want your ladder to be.  That’s another great thing about making your own…you can build it the perfect size for your space!  Once you’ve decided those two things, you’re ready to cut the wood to size.  My ladder is 6 feet tall, 18 inches wide, and about 12 inches between the rungs.

Once your wood is cut, lay out the ladder on your work surface, and get your drill and screws ready.  Measure your ladder, and mark where your rungs need to go.  Use clamps to keep your rungs in place as you drill in the screws.

Use a drill and 3 inch deck screws (2 per rung, per side) to attach the rungs to the sides. Repeat for each rung.

Add a slight angle (20%) at the top of each piece of wood, so it will rest easily against the wall.  I added felt pads as well, so they wouldn’t scuff my wall.

Stain or paint as desired.  (This is the one I used.)

DIY Wood Blanket Ladder | oldsaltfarm.com
DIY Wood Blanket Ladder | oldsaltfarm.com
DIY Wood Blanket Ladder | oldsaltfarm.com
You can see where we added the screws in this picture–straight into the side! I stained over them, and they blend in really well.

I absolutely love how it turned out, and the fact that it’s so inexpensive just means I can make more!  If you’re looking for a way to add some farmhouse charm to your home, this darling Wooden Blanket Ladder is perfect!

DIY Wood Blanket Ladder | oldsaltfarm.com
DIY Wood Blanket Ladder | oldsaltfarm.com

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DIY Wood Blanket Ladder

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  1. Love it!! Going to try and make one! Could you tell me where you found your wreath and blanket? Those are gorgeous

  2. Did you use pine wood for your blanket ladder? Did you do anything special to get the varying color of stain? I love the hints dark blackish color.

    1. I did use pine wood–not select pine, just the regular pine wood boards. I used two stains…the first was Minwax Provincial, and then I went over it with Minwax Dark Walnut.

      1. When you added the second stain (dark walnut), did you just apply in some areas or go over the whole thing with the darker stain? I love how it looks.

        1. I did go over the whole thing with the darker stain. I put it on, then used a rag to wipe off a bit of it, so it wasn’t quite so dark.

    1. We didn’t angle the feet. They pretty much sit flat on the floor, since the top is angled.

    1. The rungs are 1x2s–two of them for each rung, glued together. So they’re close to the size of a 2×4. The two ladder sides are 18 inches apart. Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you for this! I’m going to have my husband build it. I have been looking at ladders and they tend to be so expensive like $80 and I know they are cheap to make haha.

    1. I sanded as needed, yes. I try to choose pieces that are the smoothest when I’m buying wood, but if there are rough spots, then I’ll sand them a bit. I usually end up sanding some after I stain, since I like it to be distressed, so I really only tackle the super rough spots in the beginning. Hope this helps!

  4. Did you do anything to the bottom of the ladder? Like how you angled the top and put little pads for when it sits against a wall. We have hardwood floors and am wondering if I need to angle to bottom of the ladder or add anything to keep it from skidding along the floor and falling.

    1. I didn’t angle the bottom, but I did put pads on the bottom–we also have hardwood floors—and I’ve had zero problems with it slipping and falling over. Hope that helps!

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