Buffalo Check Wallpaper & Guest Bath Makeover

A makeover on our guest bath, using buffalo check wallpaper…check out the before and after!

Our guest bath on the main floor has been on my list for awhile. I’ve never really done anything with the space, and it was in need of a little sprucing. I had something in mind, so I got brave and tried it…and love it!

Buffalo Check Wallpaper Guest Bath Makeover

Buffalo Check Wallpaper

Now you might be thinking to yourself…wallpaper is nothing new. And you’re right. The trend is back, and has been rising in popularity for the last few years. But I did not want to immediately jump on that train. It felt like such a commitment! (And a few residual painful memories of removing wallpaper.) Paint is easy to change, but wallpaper seemed like an entirely different level.

I’ve come across this gray buffalo check peel and stick wallpaper before, I really loved the pattern and style, and thought it could be a great option for our small guest bath. But still I was nervous–what if it didn’t peel, or stick! When I saw it again this past week, I thought it might be perfect in our guest bath. Because I only wanted it for an accent wall, and it was peel and stick, I decided to give it a try.

If you’re on the fence like I was, or are curious about the process, this post is for you!

Guest Bath Before…

This is a picture of the bathroom right after we took the few decor pieces and toilet paper holder off the wall. It was a blank slate!! The plan for the wallpaper was to go on the left side, and serve as an accent wall.

Buffalo Check Wallpaper Guest Bath Makeover

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Tips for putting up peel and stick wallpaper

This was our first attempt in putting up wallpaper, so we weren’t sure where to start. It was definitely trial and error at first, and figuring out what would work the best. Here is our process, and ultimately what worked the best for us.

1. Measure your space to see how much you’ll need before you order. Consider ordering an extra roll if your budget allows–it’s nice to have a spare just in case! I was glad I had extra especially because of the check pattern–it had to line up exactly right, and we had to do some trimming because of it. Then measure again…and once more before starting!

2. Make sure you have a scraper tool for smoothing the paper as you go–it’s a definite necessity.

3. Peel just a little of the backing at a time, smooth it down, then continue. We read quite a few recommendations that suggested to pull larger sections back at a time, but we found that this was more difficult. It ended up being easier for wrinkles to form, or to keep it lined up exactly right. We messed up a few times before we changed our method, and it worked so much better for us.

4. Use downward strokes with your scraper. We found that going side-to-side was more likely to scratch or cut the paper. Lightly sanding the edge of the scraper also helps to avoid cuts or scrapes while smoothing.

Video: Putting up buffalo check wallpaper

Buffalo Check Wallpaper Guest Bath Makeover

I absolutely love how it turned out. My kids did too! They kept commenting on how much taller and bigger it made the bathroom feel. That’s in part both due to the wallpaper, and the hanging shelf–they both draw your eye up.

How hard is Peel and stick wallpaper?

I would rate this a 4 out of 5. It’s not technically difficult to do, but it can be frustrating when it doesn’t line up just right or wrinkle. I will also say at one point that my husband called it the “devil’s toilet paper” at one point, but that was in the heat of the moment! There is a learning curve to the process, and each section got a little bit easier. I’d definitely say it was worth it in the end, but gather your patience and be ready!

Where to find buffalo check wallpaper

I’ve found this gray buffalo check wallpaper as well as black buffalo check wallpaper in a few places. Try the following places:

Amazon: This is where I purchased mine!


Home Depot

Buffalo Check Wallpaper Guest Bath Makeover

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

With the wallpaper serving as the decor on the left wall–it could stand alone–I needed something else for the back wall. Immediately I thought of a shelf with industrial piping, since it fit the vibe of the space and also allowed for much-needed extra storage. It’s a small bathroom with a pedestal sink, so that was important!

I added a few decor pieces and greenery, but also a basket for toilet paper and a stack of hand towels. The first aid metal box is perfect for additional storage as well. (All sources posted below.) These are simple bathroom wall decor ideas, focusing on both function and aesthetics. And I love them!

The wallpaper, shelving, and all the decor was less than $200, which made it an incredibly cost effective project. Considering the before and after, it was well worth it!

Buffalo Check Wallpaper Guest Bath Makeover


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