Easy 2×4 Wood Flag Blocks | 4th of July Decor

I absolutely love these wood flag blocks–they’re simple and adorable. These are a “vintage” project…one of the first ones I posted on my blog years ago, but they’re still a favorite!

2x4 Wood Flag Blocks

These flag blocks are so simple to make, totally inexpensive, easy to buy materials in bulk for them, and super cute! This project can easily be done in a large group, or on your own.

After nearly eight years, these are still a favorite project of many. I’ve taught hundreds of people how to make them at craft nights. They’re always a hit, and everyone loves them.  They’re perfect for decorating your own home, or even giving as gifts.  

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2×4 Wood Flag Blocks


  • 2×4 lumber, cut into these pieces: 2-7 inch blocks, and 4-3.5 inch blocks
  • craft paint and foam brush (see paint colors below) OR spray paint
  • sandpaper
  • stain
  • white cardstock
  • distress ink


1. A 2×4 will cost somewhere around $2 ($2.10 at my Home Depot). It will usually come in 8 foot lengths, so one piece of wood will make 3 block sets. That’s 70 cents a piece! The store will cut it for you–just have your measurements ready.

2. Set out your blocks, so you know which of the two sides you want to paint.
This is how it will look:

I used an extra 3.5 block  right behind the star piece. This gave it more stability, helped the star piece sit a little more forward, and made it easier to tie on the ribbon.

3. Paint just the front skinny sides of the wood–one long cream, one long red, one short cream, and one short red. Out of the two remaining 3.5 blocks, you leave one bare, and paint the the bigger side of the second one navy blue. Once they’ve dried, sand it well–making sure to get the corners, and fading the paint so it looks really weathered. Wipe off the dust, then apply the stain– I like Minwax Dark Walnut. (Paint cost: $1 each–I could have made at least 4 out of one bottle–so we’re talking 25 cents each, x 3.)

I’m also very particular about the paint colors I use–especially red. For me, it can’t be too burgundy, or too bright. My favorite it Tompte Red, by Delta (Ceramcoat). I used Navy Blue by FolkArt, and Vanilla, by JoAnn’s. *You can also use spray paint if you like!

4. For the star, I just traced one that I liked, enlarged it on my copier (it’s about 3 inches from point to point), stenciled it onto cream cardstock, then cut it out. I distressed all the edges, and adhered it with double stick tape. You can leave it like this, or mod podge it on for extra security.

5. Stack up your blocks, then tie on your ribbon. I suggest using a wire ribbon–the bow will look great, and hold its shape. (Ribbon cost: This is your biggest variable. Using a 40% off coupon at Michael’s or JoAnn’s, my ribbon would be around $2.50, and I used about a third of it for one set, s0 around 80 cents each.) If you’re making them for a large group, and need to save money, tying jute around the blocks a couple of times around, and then a knot or bow at the top looks just as cute, and much cheaper!

2x4 Wood Flag Blocks

You’re done! From start to finish, you’re talking 30 minutes! Total cost? A little over $2.25 per set. You really can’t beat that!





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2x4 Wood Flag Blocks

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