15-Minute DIY American Flag Pillow

Make this darling American flag pillow in 15 minutes or less with no sewing! Quick, easy, and perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and the entire summer.

You’re going to love this darling American Flag Pillow! Best of all, it’s an easy 15 minute project that doesn’t require perfection or sewing. Place it in a bed, couch, or front porch rocker for instant patriotic charm.

DIY American Flag Pillow

Crisp white, navy, and red feel like the epitome of summer, and the combo really is perfect for the summer months. I start putting up all of my patriotic decor in May for Memorial Day, and it stays up through August! Some of my favorites are a DIY large rustic wood flag and simple patriotic porch decor that incorporates flags and blue buffalo check.

This summer I wanted a couple flag pillows for my couch and bench in the mudroom. I fell in love with some cute red, white, and blue fabric when I was at the fabric store, and decided it would just the perfect thing. And with no sewing needed and 15 minutes? Pretty much the best kind of project.

DIY American Flag Pillow

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How to make

Choose 2 fabrics for your flag: one red/white and the other blue/white. I love gingham, so I chose that for my red fabric. Buffalo check is another favorite, but if the checks are too big you won’t be able to see them. I considered a blue check for the blue fabric, but when I saw the stars I thought it was perfect! You don’t need much for one pillow–I bought 1/8 yard of each, and I had left over. If you have fabric scraps, this is a great project to use them! You’ll also need a fusible adhesive for iron-on.

Cut or rip the fabric into 1 or 1.5 inch strips–to your preference. You’ll need 3 blue and 6 red. The length will depend on how big your pillow cover is, and how big you want your flag. This is an easy part just to eyeball and see what you need. You can cut or rip one long strip, lay it on your pillow, and trim as necessary. I liked mine to fill most of the pillow. I also made my strips just a bit longer than the final measurement, so I could just “squish” the fabric a little to add little creases, instead of leaving it to lay flat. You can certainly do that if you like, for a cleaner look. Either way will work!

Once your strips are ready, lay them out in the shape of the flag on top of your pillow cover, then trim to fit.

Lay fabric strips upside down on piece of parchment or wax paper. You may want two of them, just to cover a good amount of space for the overspray. Or, if there is no wind, you can do it outside on a piece of cardboard, or even in your garage.

Spray with the adhesive and let dry, according to the directions.

Once dry, lay them back on to your pillow cover, cover with another sheet of parchment, and iron according to adhesive directions.

Let cool, and then slide your insert into the cover.

DIY American Flag Pillow

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Can I use a different adhesive?

Yes, you can use any adhesive intended for fabric. I found the adhesive spray the quickest and easiest, but there are several other options if you prefer.

Can I use a different size of pillow cover?

This is a totally customizable project, and you can use any size or shape of pillow cover. Just cut your fabric strips accordingly!

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