Quick & Easy 4th of July Handprint Flag Tee

Easy and adorable handprint flag t-shirts perfect for the 4th of July, any patriotic holiday, and all summer long! 

So…you want an adorable flag tee for your kids, but don’t want to spend a lot of time or money? I’ve got the perfect answer! This super cute 4th of July Handprint Flag Tee literally takes less than 5 minutes to make, and has all the red, white & blue goodness you’re looking for. Best of all, it features the cutest handprint ever, and ends up being a keepsake too. It’s SO quick, SO easy, and SO cute…you’re going to love it!

DIY Handprint Flag Tee

I absolutely love it! It’s perfect for all of your 4th of July celebrations, BBQs, parades, and firework shows, and you don’t need any special tools to make them. Just a little fabric paint, paintbrush, and a handprint is all you need to create this adorable handprint tee.

4th of July Handprint Flag Tee | simply kierste.com

I decided just to do the stripes right next to the handprint, but you can certainly keep adding them–two full stripes underneath the handprint–if you want to. I like it like this, but that’s one of the pluses for this project…you can really make it your own.

I just used a tee shirt from her closet that was just starting to grow out of, and I already had the fabric paint, so this was a totally free project for me–I love when that happens!

Don’t worry too much about getting the handprint exactly right.  Yes, you want it to look like a hand, but it’s those imperfections and smudges that make it real. You’ll love looking back and remembering the process and much as capturing their sweet little hands for the future.  

4th of July Handprint Flag Tee | simply kierste.com

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Here’s a fun video tutorial:


  1.  Lay out the tee shirt on a solid surface, then place a piece of wax paper or cardboard (I like cereal boxes) in between the front and back so that paint doesn’t bleed through.
  2. Paint the bottom of the hand with blue paint–get a pretty good coat, not too thin, but not too thick.
  3. Place the hand with fingers slightly apart on the left hand side of the tee shirt, near the top.  Press the fingers and hand down gently to get a good imprint.  Remove the hand, and wash well!
  4. Use your foam brush or paint brush to add red stripes next to the flag, leaving the same width as the brush in between each stripe.  You can add stripes underneath the handprint  if you wish, stretching from the edge of the handprint to the farthest end of the other red stripes.
  5. Let dry completely.

That’s it! You’ve got an adorable Handprint Flag Tee for the Fourth of July!

4th of July Handprint Flag Tee | simply kierste.com
4th of July Handprint Flag Tee | simply kierste.com
4th of July Handprint Flag Tee | simply kierste.com

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