Patriotic Porch Decor For Summer

A simple and patriotic farmhouse summer porch with patriotic porch decor…white flowers, porch rockers, American flags, blue ticking & gingham pillows.

Ready to decorate a porch for summer? I love simplicity, and this porch is just that. Greenery and white flowers are always a favorite, and blue gingham check is the epitome of summer to me. Adding flags to my white flowers were the perfect patriotic touch. Add summer charm to your front porch with these simple ideas!

Patriotic Farmhouse Summer Porch

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An inviting front porch can make such a difference for your home, and adds lovely curb appeal. It also makes for a cheerful place to sit and enjoy friends, family, or even a quiet moment in the morning or evening. Summer porch decor doesn’t have to be complicated — some of my favorite basics will add the perfect touches in no time. I use them almost every year in different ways, so they’re great additions to have in your decor collection.

Patriotic Farmhouse Summer Porch

Pots & planters

Those actually aren’t flower pots, I used some of my favorite galvanized bins, and I love them! I was going to use them permanently as planters, so I added drainage holes to the bottom. You can make your own like I did, or find your favorite.

Olive buckets by my front door are filled with some of my favorite flowers (Doublefile Viburnum ) that are beautiful when they’re in bloom, and when they’re not–when they’re all green, like they mostly are now. In a couple of weeks they will be in bloom with the most gorgeous white flowers! I consistently use these olive buckets year round, just changing the plants or greenery. They’re also perfect for adding mini trees at Christmastime. I’ve had them for years–so happy I bought them–definitely well used!

Simple Farmhouse Summer Porch

American flag

A flag isn’t decor, but it’s a part of my porch. This year I hung a flag at the end of the porch. I’m debating though…I usually have it on a flag pole on one of my posts next to the steps, and who knows, I might move it back, but for right now I’m loving it. With pretty harsh winter weather, I don’t keep it up all year long, but I do every summer.

When hanging the flag, be sure to follow proper etiquette, such as being lit at night, and not letting it touch the ground.

FLAG TIP: When you’re hanging an American flag vertically, the stars go on the left!

Patriotic Farmhouse Summer Porch


And the pillows? They are perfection. I can’t believe how inexpensive they were! I got a 4-pack for less than $20, and it included a blue gingham, ticking, solid, and buffalo check. Such a deal. I bought them for inside decor too! They add charm and color to the porch, and they just pop on the white rockers.

Patriotic Farmhouse Summer Porch
Patriotic Farmhouse Summer Porch

String lights

Outdoor string lights are one of my favorite things on the porch, and I actually keep them up all year! But during the summer they provide even more of a purpose, because it stretches our time outside at night. And you can even get solar string lights, which means you don’t have to worry about plugging them in!

Patriotic Farmhouse Summer Porch


On the other side of the front door, I have a super cute black bench (that’s perfect for every season, I’ve found) with blue ticking pillows–also from the pillow cover set I mentioned earlier. It also comes in white, which I also love. A cute star pillow adds to the patriotic theme!

Patriotic Farmhouse Summer Porch


For awhile now, I’ve been mostly doing layered rugs, which I really love. But I wanted to go more neutral to highlight the flags, so I used an off white jute rug. I looked for a rug to layer with it, but couldn’t find anything that really clicked. So, who knows…I might find one, but for now I’m loving the simple, clean look.

Patriotic Farmhouse Summer Porch


I found the wreath at a local antique store that was going out of business, but any green wreath would work! I usually find reasonable wreaths at Target, and even on Amazon. I’ve linked some of my favorites below! Greenery is my favorite on the front door–classic, and works through much of the year.

Patriotic Farmhouse Summer Porch

Source list


Do you use the same decor from year to year?

I use the majority of it! I like to invest in basics, like the gingham pillows, rockers, green wreath, and olive buckets. Then I can switch things up from season to season without having to buy all new–perfect for my budget and style!

What are your favorite places to find reasonably priced decor?

Target and Amazon are two favorites. I also love the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart–great for serve ware, baskets, bins, and other basics.

More summer decor ideas

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*Originally posted 2020.

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