Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas: Storage & Organization

Farmhouse laundry room ideas, including decor, storage, and organization.

The laundry room plays a pivotal role at our house, as it very likely does at yours as well. I’m in there a lot! With eight people, kids who play a bunch of sports, and living out in the country, there’s a whole lot of laundry goin’ on. I want it to be a space that’s organized, but also emote a farmhouse style and feel. I recently gave it a bit of an update, not only with some fun decor, but also storage and organization items that have made a huge difference in both looks and function.

Farmhouse Laundry Room Storage Ideas

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Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas

My laundry room is a part of our mud room, and while the area isn’t too small, it’s totally open, and without a ton of available storage. I’ve been in need for better organization under the sink and on the shelving, to really maximize the space that I have. At the same time, I was looking for additional decor for this space. I’m so excited about what I found–it’s a combination of both function and aesthetics, I love it!


Let’s talk shelving. We built industrial style farmhouse shelves above the laundry room sink when we first built Old Salt Farm, and I love them. They’re a great way to add function and farmhouse style to any space in your home. If you’re looking to add some extra storage space to your farmhouse laundry room, they are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to do it.

Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas

To best utilize my space, I found farmhouse style organizers and containers that I could use for storage, but were cute enough as decor. In addition to detergents (details on those below), I have a wire basket with my wool dryer balls, my favorite faux potted plant, wire basket with hand towels, and some cute scrub brushes in a jar. Simple farmhouse style for a laundry room!

Farmhouse Laundry Room Organization

Laundry room detergent storage ideas

Farmhouse Laundry Room Organization

We have a small cabinet area under the sink, but it’s not a lot of storage space, so I keep some of my most used laundry items on the shelving. Detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and wool dryer balls are all right within reach and easy to get to. I found the cutest farmhouse style containers, so it’s decor and function all-in-one, which is my favorite way to do things.

I LOVE them. The laundry pod container can hold two big packages that I buy in bulk at Sam’s or Costco, so refilling isn’t constant. And I adore the fabric softener pump! I don’t use the detergent pump, but if you use liquid detergent, it would be perfect for you. If you don’t have shelving, this would work on a counter, or even on top of the washer in a basket.

Under the laundry sink storage ideas

I totally forgot to get a picture of the “before”, but under my laundry sink just wasn’t working for me. There was one basket to the side of the plumbing pipes, and then some other products on the other side. Some new organization really needed to happen, and I wanted to maximize my space. It’s not a huge area, and the plumbing in the middle is a pain, but I discovered some pull-out shelving that works really well.

Farmhouse Laundry Room Organization

The shelves pull out, they’re thin enough to fit on the side of the pipe, and I’m able to fit plenty of product on them.

Farmhouse Laundry Room Organization

Larger bleach and specialty detergent containers are able to fit at the back of the cabinet in the middle of the shelving units. I LOVE it! What a difference it makes!

And the adorable lint box? It might be my new favorite. It’s the simple things, right? The back of the box is magnetic, so you can place it on the side of your dryer. Because I have walls on the sides of my appliances, I can’t use it that way. I like it tucked away in my cabinet, and I used command hooks to adhere it to the door. Super easy.

We like saving our lint for campfires through the summer and fall, so it works well for us. If you don’t have room for a wastepaper basket, this is also a great option for lint. And it’s cute!

Farmhouse Laundry Room Organization

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