Pretty & Functional Farmhouse Storage

Oh, how I love baskets and bins and jars!  My favorites are the ones that look pretty, but are also functional and keep me organized at the same time.  While Old Salt Farm is being built, I’m on the search for farmhouse storage ideas for my pantry, craft room, laundry room, playroom, and well, pretty much the whole house!

Pretty and Functional Farmhouse Storage

Pretty & Functional Farmhouse Storage 

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Wooden Crate with Chalkboard //

White Metal Storage Bin //

Glass Storage Jar //

Black Iron Wall Basket //

Numbered Wire Wall Baskets //

Wood Organizer //

Tin Box with Chalkboard //

Wire Baskets //

Mason Jar Ceramic Crock //

Ball Gallon Mason Jar //

Galvanized Metal Bin //

Round Basket with Chalkboard Label //

Galvanized Garden Basket //

Apothecary Jars //

I love them all! Glass jars are perfect for the bathroom, pantry, and laundry room, and the baskets and bins can be used in just about every single room of the house.

If you’re on a budget like I am, it’s important to find great storage items for a bargain.  Sometimes if I REALLY love something, I’m willing to pay a little more for it, but most of the time I want to get a good deal.

I always search for coupon codes and coupons before buying, and I watch my favorite stores for sales and clearance. Check out the dollar stores in your area–often times I’ll come across the perfect thing at a bargain price.

Some of my favorite places to find farmhouse storage:

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