Farmhouse Kitchen Accessories

Darling farmhouse kitchen accessories that add both function and aesthetic, and sure to bring farmhouse charm into your home! Find all of them on Amazon.

I’ve had a few farmhouse kitchen finds recently, all on Amazon. Many have quickly become some of my very favorite things. This week I was so excited when I found the cutest caddy for my kitchen utensils, and I’m totally in love! I love finding cute and useful items for a reasonable price that add so much to my farmhouse kitchen. In case you’re looking too, I thought I’d share what I’ve found!

Farmhouse Kitchen Accessories

Farmhouse Kitchen Accessories…Amazon Finds

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Farmhouse Kitchen Utensils Caddy

I’m seriously in love with this kitchen utensils caddy. It’s absolutely perfect for my farmhouse kitchen, and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive when I ordered! I had been using a white pitcher, which I also loved the look of, but it was just too small to really fit very much. My rolling pins needed a new spot, and I had more wooden spoons plus a few other items to add. It turned out to be the best find ever! I absolutely love it–not only how it looks on my counter, but also how much it holds. And isn’t the text adorable?

Farmhouse Kitchen Utensils Caddy

Farmhouse Kitchen Indoor Compost Pail

This compost pail is made by the same company as the utensils caddy above, and are a matching set. This is on my list! We have a compost pile outside, but I’ve been looking for something cute that I can keep in my kitchen for smaller items. With an airtight lid and adorable design, I think this one is perfect!

Farmhouse Compost Pail

Farmhouse Butter Dish

I love love this butter dish, and it’s always sitting out on my kitchen counter! One of favorite things about it is its size. It’s kind of hard to tell from the pictures, but it’s actually pretty wide, and holds at least two sticks of butter. It’s not so big that it looks awkward on the counter, or doesn’t fit well. The matte black edging is the perfect contrast to the white, and makes it perfectly farmhouse!

Farmhouse Butter Dish

Farmhouse Kitchen Scale

I fell in love with this scale when I first saw it. I’d been wanting one for awhile, but just waiting for the right thing…and the right price. When I found it on Amazon, I was so excited! It’s more of a cream color than white, but I was totally okay with that. Mixing creams and whites is so beautiful, and I do it often throughout my house. However…my cupboards were low enough that the entire scale didn’t fit underneath them.

Since I wasn’t using it as a scale, but only for decor, I removed the top part of the scale. I use it next to my sink to hold my soaps, and then the scale is in another spot on my counters. It works perfectly, and I love them both! So just know there are options, and you can do whatever works.

Farmhouse Kitchen Accessories

In the picture below, you can see the top part of the scale next to the sink. I get asked about where I got “my tray” all the time, and it really does work perfectly here.

Farmhouse White Colander

Everyone needs a good colander, and it’s even better when it’s super cute! This one also has the black distressed edging, and it’s perfect for displaying items in your kitchen. I have a ceramic colander very similar to this one (different color), and it also works well as a functional colander. I use it for lesser amounts I need to rinse–fruit, smaller batches of pasta, etc., and love it!

Farmhouse White Colander

Farmhouse Kitchen Towels

A good set of dishtowels is always at the top of my list. I adore the farmhouse stripe on these towels, and it comes with an option of black or blue. A set of 12 is less than $17, so they’re a great bargain too! Clean up spills, keep them by the sink, place newly washed dishes on them to dry, and more.

mhouse Stripe Kitchen Towels

Copper Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons

Copper is so lovely. I think it may be the warmth, and feeling of coziness that emits from the metal. I always think of an old farmhouse, and copper pots hanging up above the stove.The vintage style is stunning, and they’re both functional and beautiful. I’ve tried lots of different measuring spoons and measuring cups, and I’m in love with these!

Copper Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons

Adding in just a few things to your kitchen that serve both functionally and stylistically can add so much farmhouse charm. It makes me so happy to be surrounded by things that I love, especially when working in the kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen Accessories Amazon

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