Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Lighting: Glass vs. Metal

We recently switched out our kitchen pendant lighting, and I’m sharing pros and cons of both glass and metal pendant lights. A collection of farmhouse island lighting ideas!

When we built our house, the kitchen island lighting was one of the things that I went back and forth on pretty much the entire time until I had to get them ordered. Even then I wasn’t exactly sure it was what I wanted, but I went with it. I chose glass pendant lighting with black matte accents, and I did really like them. For me, it was that they were a modern look than I generally use, and I just wasn’t 100% in love with them. Once they were in, I felt like they really did go with my kitchen and the rest of my home, and I was happy for the most part.

Then…after a few years I usually get an itch to make some changes. This is actually the longest we’ve ever been in a home, so I wasn’t surprised that I was feeling like mixing it up. I’ve always loved the black metal farmhouse pendant lights, but didn’t want to spend a lot to try them, so I found some for a really reasonable price. Now that I have the new lighting in, I can say that they’re perfect, and also fit in with my decor and overall farmhouse style. I’ve always loved rustic island lights, and these have that feel. Simplicity is always my favorite, and these light fixtures really fit the space.

Farmhouse Island Lighting Glass vs. Metal

When it comes to farmhouse island lighting, pendant lights are a really great option. They usually work well for different ceiling heights, because many of them have an adjustable height.  If you have very low ceilings, you it may not work for you. I’m highlighting the differences between clear glass shades and a black finish today, but brass is also beautiful option if you prefer that finish.  Copper is another one that can really warm up a space. Trends will come and go, so I also tend to choose more classic styles for things like lighting, so I don’t need to change them out as often.  

Today I’m comparing my experiences with glass island lighting and a black metal finish. Here are a few images of each, so you can see the difference in our kitchen…

Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Glass Pendant Lighting

Farmhouse Spring Home Tour

Black Metal Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Lightin

Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Lighting Black Metal
Farmhouse Kitchen

Eeeek! I love love it! Now that I’ve had both, I can give you the pros and cons, and what I like/don’t like about each one. Hopefully it will help you make your own decision!

Glass Pendant Lighting Pros & Cons

  • AESTHETIC: Great for a more modern look
  • PRO: Gives out a lot more light–filled the kitchen
  • CON: I felt like I was constantly cleaning them, they get dusty really fast. Trying to get glass really clean with no streaks is tricky, and they’d show up through the light. Any dust would also be quite noticeable when the lights were on…hence always cleaning them!
Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Black Metal Lighting Pros & Cons

  • AESTHETIC: My kitchen is mostly white, and I love the contrast of the black metal, as well as how it looks with the black chalkboard wall. I think it fits my style a little more–not as modern.
  • PRO: Easier to keep clean.
  • CON: Doesn’t spread as much light–really only lights up the island, and doesn’t reach the countertops. I have overhead lights I can turn on, but with the glass pendants I was accustomed to only needing to turn those on.
Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Lighting Glass or Metal

I put the glass ones down in storage, just in case I change my mind again. But for now I’m loving these!

P.S. Just as important as the fixture is the color of light bulbs you choose. Warm white, cool white, a brighter LED…they will each make your space look very different. I prefer a cooler white, but more in the middle–a neutral tone.

Farmhouse Glass Pendant Lighting Ideas

Farmhouse Black Metal Pendant Lighting Ideas

Check out all of the farmhouse lighting in every room of our home!

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