SKittles Rainbow Teacher Gift Idea

An easy and adorable rainbow teacher gift idea for the first day of school, teacher appreciation, or anytime! I also have a version for teachers to give to students, as well as a general one for friendship. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day too! Originally posted 2013, updated 2022.

Looking for a simple and fun teacher gift idea? Look no farther! I love how quick this comes together, and with a cute tag to go along with it, it’s perfect for brightening a day or showing appreciation. If you’re a teacher with a rainbow theme in your classroom, I also have a printable for you! Another version of the printable is perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day gift and friendship.

Over the Rainbow Teacher Gift idea

Rainbow Teacher Gift Idea

You just need a few supplies to put this together:

  • Skittles
  • Jar or clear treat bag
  • Ribbon
  • Printable tag

If I’m giving to a teacher or friend, I like using a small mason jar. I’ve also used milk bottles, which are really cute! For multiple gifts–to a group–clear treat bags work really well, especially if you’re trying to stay on a smaller budget. Another option is to tie the tag around a package of Skittles, which would be perfect for teachers to give to students.

Over the Rainbow Teacher Gift idea  skittles


  1. Fill the jar or bag with Skittles. Sometimes I like to layer them in rainbow order (my kids love to help sort them), but I also just pour them in as is. Whatever you like is great!
  2. Download and print your choice of tag.
  3. Cut out the tag, punch a hole in the top or side, then tie it on to the jar or bag with a bit of ribbon.

That’s it! Super easy and adorable!

The tags say:

  • I’m Over the Rainbow You’re My Teacher
  • I’ve Over the Rainbow You’re My Student
  • I’m Over the Rainbow We’re Friends

Download printable tag:

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