The BEST Beach Vacation for Families: Beaches Resorts

Our family took the BEST vacation ever to the all-inclusive Beaches Resorts in Turks & Caicos.  It’s family friendly in every way, and my kids literally beg every single week to go back. It was absolutely wonderful, and I can’t wait to tell you why it’s the best beach vacation for families!

Best Family Vacation | Beaches Resorts | Turks & Caicos

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I had the opportunity to attend the Social Media on the Sand Conference, and it was held in Turks & Caico at the Beaches Resort.  Because the resort is for families, I was able to bring my family along, and it ended up being literally being the vacation of our dreams.  It was phenomenal in every way, and we can’t wait to go back!  I’ve made a list of all the things we loved about it, and why it is the best family vacation ever!  Beaches Resorts has several locations, and this is our experience at the one in Turks & Caicos.  The other locations are on our list…we would love to visit them all!

Beaches Resorts…the BEST beach vacation for families!

Literally every day we would get out of bed, put our swimsuits on, and head to breakfast.  Then we’d play all day in the water, switching back and forth from the ocean’s water sports to the waterpark, eating lunch and snacks throughout the day.  In the evening we’d go back to our room to change, then head to a new restaurant each night.  Evening programs and concerts + dessert rounded out the day, and we’d tumble into bed, exhausted but happy.  And ready to do it all again the next day!

Best Family Vacation | Beaches Resorts | Turks & Caicos

All-Inclusive Resort

Starting with the transportation from the airport to the resort, almost everything there is inclusive.  More than any other inclusive resort in the world! Food, water activities galore, drinks, more food…need I say more?  Tipping is not allowed, so literally there is almost no need to ever take out your wallet. There are a few specialties/extras that you can pay for if you’d like…my girls got their hair braided, and there is a fabulous spa.  All the water activities are included, but if you’d like to scuba dive or SNUBA dive, those are extra as well. But there are very, very few exceptions.

Best Family Vacation | Beaches Resorts | Turks & Caicos

Best Family Vacation | Beaches Resorts | Turks & Caicos

Amazing Food

There are 22 dining options at the Turks & Caicos Beaches Resort, so the hard part is trying to decide where to eat for each meal!  In the French Village is the waterpark, and we stayed there about half the time–with the other half on the beach.  In the waterpark there are actually two food trucks–one for ice cream, and the other for specialty mac & cheese. Need I say more?  My kids were in absolute heaven, and I think they had ice cream 9 times one day!  The fried mac & cheese balls were another family favorite, and I won’t tell you how many we had during out stay.  It was so fun to swim for awhile, hop out and get a snack or some ice cream, and then head back to get wet again.  We loved going to dinner every night and trying something new, and the breakfast buffets were packed with familiar and local favorites.

In the waterpark, there is also a “swim-up bar” for the kids, where they can order kid-friendly drinks like Shirley Temples, Pina Coladas, soda, and lemonade.  Yep, pretty much their dream come true.

Best Family Vacation | Beaches Resorts | Turks & Caicos

Water Activities

Oh my goodness.  From the moment I spotted the gorgeous water from the plane window, it seemed almost too beautiful to be real.  But it was! I’ve never seen water like it before, and its beauty will forever stay with me.  The water is also SO fun, and we spent a lot of time playing in it and at the beach. They have unlimited water activities, including sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, aqua bikes, a glass bottom boat, windsurfing, and paddle boarding. (Beaches Resort in Negril even has waterskiing and tubing!)

There was also optional scuba diving and SNUBA diving available at for an extra fee. All you do is sign up the day before you want to go for the time you want, and then show up. We did many of them more than once, and we spent so much time on the water. Other times we grabbed towels (always plenty of them available throughout the resort), and found a place on the beach.  We played, built sand castles, swam out to the water trampolines, and just soaked it all in.  I laid down and read my book while the kids enjoyed the water–it really was perfection.

Best Family Vacation | Beaches Resorts | Turks & Caicos

Best Family Vacation | Beaches Resorts | Turks & Caicos

Best Family Vacation | Beaches Resorts | Turks & Caicos

The other half of the time we were at the waterpark in the French Village.  With a surf simulator, enormous lazy river, great water slides, and an awesome pirate ship, it was a kids’ paradise. And it’s so fun for parents too! My husband and I both really enjoyed it as well.

Best Family Vacation | Beaches Resorts | Turks & Caicos

Something for EVERY age! Kids’ Camp + Sesame Street!

We have six kids, with a varying age range, and this was a vacation that every single person in our family could enjoy, from the littlest up to the biggest.  There is literally something for everyone, and that’s hard to beat.  Beaches Resorts’ Kids’ Camp is incredible, and perfect for the times you want to spend time with just your significant other, or when you want to participate in a water activity that won’t work for your kids’ ages.  Beaches Resorts has partnered with Sesame Street to create the most fun for kids EVER, so when your child is in the Kids’ Camp they’re making cookies with Cookie Monster, having treasure hunts on the beach, going snorkeling, playing in the huge video arcade or game room, and so much more.  They’re all based on the your child’s age range, with activities planned accordingly.  My kids loved going so much, and it made it so nice for us to sneak away for a bit on our own. They also have certified nannies available.

Beaches is also the first resort to have autism-friendly kids camps, and first resort company in the world to complete the rigorous IBCCES training and Autism Certification! They have Certified Autism Centers to make sure that team members are able to cater to all children and offer age-specific programs for infants, toddlers, pre-teens and teens. Beaches is also proud to welcome a new Sesame Street character… Julia, a sweet and curious 4-year-old with autism. Julia is thrilled to welcome all children and their families to Beaches Resorts with engaging activities like Amazing Art with Julia.

Best Family Vacation | Beaches Resorts | Turks & Caicos

Fun Evening Programs

Every night is a party at Beaches Resorts!  There is something planned each night of the week, so if you’re up for a little fun after dinner, you’re in luck. Everything is family friendly, designed with the whole family in mind.  Activities, concerts, parades…fun for everyone!

Best Family Vacation | Beaches Resorts | Turks & Caicos

I honestly can’t say enough good things about our Beaches Resorts experience. My kids talk about it on a regular basis, and it was truly a week of paradise and connecting for our family.  We put away devices and phones and computers, and just spent time together.  It was a week we will never forget!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments…I’m happy to help!

The Best Family Beach Resort Vacation | Beaches Resorts

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