Space-Saving Bathroom Storage

When we were building Old Salt Farm, we decided to make our master bathroom on the smaller side, and use the square footage other places in our home that we would use a lot more.  There is a small linen closet in the bathroom, but I still needed additional space-saving bathroom storage that could work in a small space.  I  was able to utilize the wall behind the toilet and add an organizer that not only gave me necessary storage, but looks so cute!

Bathroom Space Saving Storage Ideas

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Bathroom Storage Space Saver

It’s a small wall, and a small space, but I can get so much more storage out of it using this organizer! I already had the basket with toilet paper in it, and it still works perfectly sitting on the lowest shelf.

I filled the other shelves using some of my favorite bathroom storage items, including the cutest stacking containers.  They easily separate, but also stay together really well, making it so convenient to store not just one item, but two, in one jar.  They’re not glass, but a heavy duty plastic, so no fear if you accidentally drop one! I still have a few things I need to add to them, but I’m waiting to see what my husband has on his list, before I fill them up.

Bathroom Space Saving Storage Ideas

I also have have hand towels and washcloths (these are the fluffiest ever!), and I love having really easy access to them whenever we need them.  Next to the towels is a glass apothecary jar filled with bath salts, and a small hand mirror.  I’m so happy that having a space for them here clears off my bathroom counter, which is where they were before.

Bathroom Space Saving Storage Ideas

While I was getting organized, I also added this ADORABLE rug.  Seriously, it is the cutest! It has a crocheted, scalloped edge that adds so much charm and character, I just love it. It actually came as a 2-piece set, so I have one where the toilet is, and another by the sink.  Perfect farmhouse, vintage style.

Bathroom Space Saving Storage Ideas

This is what it looks like with the doors shut…

Bathroom Space Saving Storage Ideas

Isn’t it perfection?  I’m so, so happy with it, not only because added needed storage, but because it’s add style to the space and filled out an otherwise blank wall.  That is definitely a winning combination!

Bathroom Space Saving Storage Ideas

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Space Saving Bathroom Storage

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