Washcloth Boo-boo Bunny

An adorable washcloth boo-boo bunny that acts as a mini ice pack and comforter for your little one! Just a washcloth and rubber band needed–tutorial!

Washcloth Boo boo bunny

Last year my baby spent a lot of time in the hospital. Within seven months, she was admitted to ICU five times, and it was an incredibly difficult time.  We were blessed with really wonderful doctors, and exceptional nurses who took great care of her, and  when you’re spending weeks in the hospital at one time, you get to know them pretty well.  

Caroline was between 15-21 months during this time, and being old enough to walk but young enough to be confined in a crib was a challenge, and I was constantly looking for ways to entertain her.  She also had a lot of shots, IV’s and treatments and watching your baby go through it is pretty terrible.  The nurses were definitely the bright spots–they were so good with her, and were constantly coming up with ways to make things easier.  That’s how I learned about the washcloth boo-boo bunny!

Washcloth Boo Boo Bunny

Washcloth Boo boo bunny

Adorable, right??!!  It’s a two-for-one…it’s a darling bunny to hold for comfort when things hurt, and it’s also a mini ice pack.  For all those bumps and bruises and scrapes, the boo-boo bunny is a super cute way to help your little ones! I just love it.

And it couldn’t be easier…all it takes is a washcloth and a rubber band!


-white washcloth

-large rubber band


-pink grosgrain ribbon


-ribbon to cover rubber band


Lay out a white washcloth with the points facing you.

washcloth boo boo bunny | oldsaltfarm.com

Roll up one side of the washcloth…

washcloth boo boo bunny | oldsaltfarm.com

then the other side.

washcloth boo boo bunny | oldsaltfarm.com

Turn the washcloth on its side, then fold in half.

washcloth boo boo bunny | oldsaltfarm.com

Pinch the sides together, the lift the front half up, bending it in half.

washcloth boo boo bunny | oldsaltfarm.com

Grab hold of the part that’s bent in the front, and wrap the rubber band around it.

washcloth boo boo bunny | oldsaltfarm.com

washcloth boo boo bunny | oldsaltfarm.com

And you’ve got a darling washcloth bunny!

The hole in the back is where you can tuck in a piece of ice.

washcloth boo boo bunny | oldsaltfarm.com

I added a piece of pink grosgrain ribbon cut into a triangle for a cute little nose, and a Sharpie to make eyes and whiskers. I covered up the rubber band with a piece of ribbon tied around it. Adorable!

Washcloth Boo boo bunny

Now this little bunny is ready to be added to the First Aid Kit, ready to comfort when needed!

**First posted in 2015!

Washcloth Boo boo bunny

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