Easy DIY Table Mason Jar Lanterns

Make these simple and adorable tabletop mason jar lanterns in just minutes! Perfect for all your outdoor or indoor entertaining–weddings, BBQs, parties, and more.

DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

I adore mason jar lanterns. They’re incredibly simple and quick to make, and add just the perfect touch to any table setting, both indoors and out. I first made and posted about these years ago, and this summer I decided to update with new photos.

If you’re decorating for an indoor event, like a wedding or party, this would work really well. You’ll get the darling mason jar lantern look, while meeting the fire code at the same time.  They’ll also be darling lining any table for an outdoor event–really, they can go anywhere!

I love using them outside all through the summer. They’re both beautiful and practical, since they’ll add sparkly light to your table once it gets dark. And when it’s light outside, they’re equally charming, and I especially love them nestled against greenery down the middle of the table.

Mason Jar Lanterns

You will see how simple these mason jar lanterns are to make–literally a minute.  LOVE that!

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Set the mason jar lid upside down, and use a piece of double stick tape to attach the candle to the center.  I use double stick tape because it’s strong enough to make sure the candle doesn’t move, but not so strong that you can’t easily remove it when you need to switch it on and off.

Place the lid inside the ring, turn your mason jar upside down, and screw on the lid, so the candle is on the inside bottom.

You can also tie a piece of twine  around the jar, which I will do on occasion. I do love the simplicity of just the jar and the light too.

That’s it! So quick, easy, and adorable!

Mason Jar Lanterns Wedding Ideas
DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

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