Heart Thumbprint Mug

A perfect Valentine’s Day gift, this darling Heart Thumbprint Mug is simple and easy to make for someone you love!

A few years ago I made this adorable Heart Thumbprint Platter, and it’s still one of my favorite things! I love it so much, that I decided to make a Heart Thumbprint Mug–and it can be used every day!

I’ve always adored anything using my kids’ fingerprints or thumbprints. They’re like a little picture into a window of time that I want to remember forever, and as they grow, they just become more special.

Heart Thumbprint Mug | Valentine's Day Gift Idea

They also make the perfect Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day gift! Plus, they’re super easy and simple to make, with just a few supplies.

Heart Thumbprint Mug

Heart Thumbprint Mug | Valentine's Day Gift Idea

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1. Decide how you want to lay out the fingerprints and text.  I divided the mug into sections based on how many hearts I was going to do, then placed a tiny dot of paint where I wanted each fingerprint to go, so the spacing would be as equal as possible.  Then you won’t do the whole thing before realizing it’s off center!

2. Place a small amount of paint on a paper plate, piece of wax paper, or foil. Dip your child’s finger in the paint then make two prints to form a heart shape. You may need to press their thumb down a couple of times to remove any excess paint. But the good news is, if you mess up, all you have to do is use the wet rag or damp paper towels and wipe it off. Once it’s dry, you can start over again.  I definitely utilized that option several times!

3.  Use a fine tip Sharpie to write the names, date, and any other text you would like.

4.  Once you’re finished with the prints and text, follow the curing directions on the bottle of paint you used. I used Martha Stewart Glass Paint and I could either oven bake or let it sit for 21 days. I’m super impatient, so I always choose the oven method!  You can find the directions HERE.

If you can’t find Martha Stewart glass paint, you can use a multi-surface craft paint that can be cured in the oven to be dishwasher safe.  Plaid Crafts makes a couple of them, including FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint.  With a multi-surface paint, you HAVE to cure it in the oven, not the 21-day option, if you want it to be safe in the dishwasher.

So so cute, and so easy!

Heart Thumbprint Mug | Valentine's Day Gift Idea

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Heart Thumbprint Mug

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  1. This is so cute! I totally want make one for my kids!


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