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This adorable footprint stool remains one of my most favorite projects to date.  I just love and cherish those darling footprints, and I will always get to remember them! This is such an easy project, but one that will be treasured. It’s a perfect gift for any mother or grandmother!

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I had a wooden stool that had been a staple in our house for years, but it was needing a little face lift. I thought of all the little feet that have and will step on that stool, and I knew just what I wanted to do.

My kids’ footprints added the perfect touch, and I will be able to look at those darling feet forever! The smallest two feet are my baby boys–they are twins, but you’d never be able to tell by foot size! It’s even more pronounced now that they are four years old. As my children grow, this stool becomes more and more priceless to me.  I absolutely love looking at those darling feet, and I’m so glad I will always have them to look and and remember.

I apologize for the lack of pictures during the process, but if you could have only seen me trying to do this myself, it would have been a sight to see. It was all I could do to just get the footprints done and escape with as little paint as possible all over myself, the house, and them!

footprint stool |

ITEMS YOU NEED: (affiliate links included below)

wooden stool (this is a two-step stool that would be super cute too!)
spray paint (2 coordinating colors)
sandpaper/power sander
scrapbook paper
Mod Podge & foam brush
Finishing craft spray or poly


1. Paint your stool. Let dry, then distress the edges if desired. Mine was just basic wooden stool I had bought at Target several years before, but you could use anything you have–or even make one!  I want to make another one with all six of them, and this time I’ll make it.

2. Footprints: I used spray paint, because it dries faster than wall paint, and doesn’t get as gloppy. I sprayed the paint onto a paper plate (fyi…it eats foam plates; use paper ones), then using your finger or small brush, apply the paint to the bottom of the foot. Place it directly onto the surface, making sure to press down each toe. Press firmly, then carefully lift up. Repeat for each footprint. Let dry.

3. Print names. date, or desired text onto scrapbook paper. (font is Wish I Were Taller) I distressed the edges with Distress Ink.

4. Mod Podge the paper onto your stool, then cover the entire surface to seal the paint.

5. Apply a finishing craft spray or poly according to directions.

There it is! Simple, and darling! If you’re looking for a gift for Mother’s Day, this is a perfect one!

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