How to Tie a Fancy Bow…the EASY Way!

If you’ve ever tried and failed to make a fancy bow for decor or a gift, give this a try! It’s how to tie a fancy bow the EASY way!

Sometimes you just need a cute bow to give something that extra something special.  I have always loved the big fancy bows, but have never been able to master the art of lots of loops and floral wire. I just had to come up with another way to do it.

Today I’m going to show you how to tie a fancy bow…the easy way.  No floral wire, just some ribbon and a pair of scissors. You can make them as small or as large as you like, and it takes just a few minutes to make one. It takes a little bit of practice, but you’ll be tying them in no time, and impressing everyone with your bow-making skills.  

How to Tie a Fancy Bow the EASY way!

The secret to tying a fancy bow…the easy way!

All you need is wired ribbon & scissors!

It’s true, that’s all!  The width of the ribbon will help determine how large or small your bow Is.  If you’re doing a larger bow, I’d use a wider ribbon.


In just a few minutes, you can have a beautiful bow that’s perfect for decorating, adding to wreaths, or wrapping packages.  

How to Tie a Fancy Bow the EASY way!


  • Use wired ribbon–it will hold its shape and is easy to manipulate
  • You will need at least 4 feet of ribbon for a medium sized bow

I tried to take pictures of the process, but it was really hard to tie a bow at the same time.  I made a movie instead…here it is for your viewing pleasure.  (P.S.  I made this video in 2011, so nearly 8 years ago now.  It was very unplanned, and totally spontaneous, hence the pajamas!  Hopefully it will help you make a super cute “fancy bow” in no time! )

In the video, I refer to the first step as making a “regular bow”.  There have been some questions about that, and I wanted to leave an explanation just in case. What I mean is a bow just like you’d tie your shoes–very basic.  If you have any other questions, let me know!

How to Make a Fancy Bow…the EASY way!

I love using fresh-cut wreaths on my front door for the holiday, and the bow was the perfect touch!

First published in December, 2011.

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How to Tie a Fancy Bow the EASY way!

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