How to Wrap Baked Goods for Christmas

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Easy, beautiful, and inexpensive ways to wrap baked goods for Christmas giving to family, friends, and neighbors.

Who else loves giving Christmas treats and goodies? It’s one of our favorite things to do—the holiday baking and then giving food gifts to family, friends, neighbors, and so many others. It’s part of the season, and we look forward to it every year. Depending on what you’re giving, wrapping can be a little tricky. I’m sharing with you some of my favorite ways to wrap bake goods that are super easy and inexpensive.

How to Wrap Baked Goods for Christmas

It’s tradition for many to give treats and baked goods to friends, family, and neighbors during the holiday season. Gift giving is a huge part of holiday celebrations, and a way we let others know we care about them. Sharing baked goods from your kitchen is always a wonderful option. Homemade Hot Fudge, Candy Cane Marshmallow Dippers, and Christmas Lights Cookies are a few that might make it to our neighbors.

Some baked items are harder than others to figure out how to wrap up for giving, and in a way that won’t break the bank. I’m sharing a few of my favorite ways to wrap baked foods–they’re easy, simple, and look beautiful!

How to Wrap Baked Goods for Christmas

Wrapping Loaves

Supplies you need

You only need a few items to festively wrap loaves of holiday bread, and probably already have all or most on hand!

  • Plastic wrap
  • Parchment paper
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors


This first method is perfect for loaves of sweet breads, quick bread, or any kind of bread or pound cake. It works with any size loaf, which I love! I usually make smaller or mini loaves, but if you do full size loaves this will work just as well.

This technique isn’t just for holiday giving–you can use it anytime you’re wrapping up loaves.  In the fall I always make a bunch of Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread to give away, and I use this same method, but using fall ribbon instead! It’s a simple and creative way to wrap your baked goods! 

How to Wrap Baked Goods for Christmas
  1. Start by wrapping the loaves really well with plastic wrap, once they’re out of the oven and completely cool. I don’t like to use aluminum foil, because then you can’t see the loaves, and it’s harder to keep smooth, but it’s certainly an option if that’s what you have and want to use it.

How to Wrap Baked Goods for Christmas

2. Cut strips of parchment paper and wrap them around the center of each bread loaf. I like the natural color of the unbleached option–but you can definitely use white as well.

How to Wrap Baked Goods for Christmas
How to Wrap Baked Goods for Christmas

3. Next comes the ribbon! I prefer thicker ribbon, but you can certainly use anything you have. I went with a moss green satin and a red stitch for these loaves, and I love them both. The result is so festive and beautiful! It looks so fancy and festive, but takes literally minutes to put together.  

How to Wrap Baked Goods for Christmas

Wrapping Cookies and Candy

Paper Loaf Pans

This option works really well when you have cookies, candy, or fudge, but need an actual container. I really like paper loaf pans, and I fill them up with whatever holiday treat I’m giving away. (I got mine at Target in the holiday section last year–they usually have a different pattern every year, so it’s worth a look if you’re there.)

How to Wrap Baked Goods for Christmas

These are my favorite Snowball Cookies! It’s super easy–just fill the pan, cover in plastic wrap, then tie a cute Christmas ribbon around the middle. You can try and use the parchment if you want to–but it’s a lot trickier when the top isn’t flat.

How to Wrap Baked Goods for Christmas
How to Wrap Baked Goods for Christmas

Bakery Boxes

Bakery boxes are go-to for me all year long, but Christmas is most definitely a favorite. They’re charming, adorable, and are the perfect container for any of your Christmas cookies and candy. I like the 6x6x3 size, but there are a bunch of options depending on what your needs are.

I buy my bakery boxes on Amazon, usually for less than $1 each–even closer to 75 cents each. For an elevated gift box, it’s a great price. I prefer this method over using cellophane bags or clear cellophane, and use them if at all possible.  They make super cute cookie boxes! 

How to Wrap Baked Goods for Christmas

It’s really the easiest way of all…line your box with parchment paper (or wax paper), stack your treats inside, close the box, and tie a big fat ribbon into a bow or knot around the middle! Isn’t that lovely? Treat-filled bakery boxes are perfect for hostess gifts and neighbor gifts all through the season.

TIP: I regularly stock up on ribbon from my local craft store or Amazon for all different seasons and holidays, so I have it when I need it. When it’s on sale, buy a couple of new ones.

I always keep them on hand in case I need them quickly, or someone stops by and I want to send them home with treats.  Whenever I do any holiday baking I give some away, so they really come in handy. They also work well when boxing muffins, cupcakes, or pastries, since they provide a more stable packaging for when in transit. If you have thinner cookies, boxes are also great when you need to pack in layers–just separate by parchment paper.

Add a gift tag for the recipient to any of the above options, tie on with ribbon and a bow, and you are ready to give!


Will these techniques work for most baked goods?

Yes, I’ve found that I can wrap almost any treats in one of these three ways. They work for cookies, candies, fudge, brownies, loaves of bread, and more.

What kind of ribbon works best for wrapping?

A stronger, more durable ribbon usually works best for wrapping around the loaves, bakery boxes, and loaf pans. It ties more easily and holds its shape better. Wider ribbons are more difficult to tie, so I usually opt for a thinner to medium width.

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Originally posted 2020. Updated 2023.

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  1. As always your articles and website are fabulous! Your kids are growing up and you have a beautiful family. I think I’ve been following you since the beginning! Natalie

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    1. Hi, Lynn! I haven’t had that issue with any of the breads I make, which don’t tend to be very sticky at all. But if it’s something you’re concerned about, you could wrap them in a layer of parchment paper first.

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