Homemade Holiday Stovetop Potpourri

Three ingredients are all you need to make this aromatic holiday stovetop potpourri. It will make your home smell like Christmas…cinnamon, peppermint, and pine. Perfect for giving, a darling free printable tag is included.

When my daughter walked in the door from school today, the first thing she asked was what smelled so good. The answer was easy…it was the stovetop potpourri simmering wafting through kitchen and all through the house. It’s one of my favorite things to make during the holidays, it smells like Christmas! Best of all, it’s only three ingredients and takes only minutes to put on the stove.

Homemade Holiday Stovetop Potpourri

Homemade Holiday Stovetop Potpourri

Peppermint, pine, and cinnamon are three of my most favorite Christmas scents. They’re strong, fragrant, and are the epitome of the holidays. Everything feels more cozy when it smells yummy too! I love to have a home that smells like Christmas, and this incredibly easy potpourri recipe is simple holiday perfection.

I really love candles, but having a more natural option is very lovely. Whether you’re home with your family, or having a holiday party, this is such a festive way to bring Christmas inside!

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Homemade Holiday Stovetop Potpourri

Ingredients you’ll need to make stovetop potpourri

There are many different options for making a stovetop potpourri, some of which you’ve seen before. Cranberries, oranges, nutmeg, and cloves are all common ingredients. I love those too! And the beauty of this recipe is that you can add, delete, or change to your personal preference or liking. But my favorite combo of all is just three simple ingredients:

Homemade Holiday Stovetop Potpourri

I have acres of pine trees at my house, but I actually just snipped sprigs off our Christmas trees! You just need a few small clippings. When it comes to peppermint sticks, make sure one of the ingredients is peppermint oil, because that’s what will really infuse the strong scent. I’ve used several different brands of cinnamon sticks, and I haven’t noticed a huge difference amongst them. I’d just suggest not going with the very inexpensive brands, because they won’t have as strong of a scent or last as long.

Homemade Stovetop Potpourri Christmas Gifts

This makes the BEST Christmas or holiday gift! Not only does it package up beautifully, it’s so festive. Stovetop potpourri is one of my favorite things to give during the holidays, and it’s perfect for neighbor gifts, teacher gifts, coworker gifts, and more. If you’re looking for a non-food gift idea, put this at the top of your list!

Homemade Holiday Stovetop Potpourri

In addition to the pine sprigs, cinnamon sticks, and peppermint sticks, you’ll also need:

How to Make Stovetop Potpourri Gifts

There are three main ways that I like to package the potpourri. Two of them use a clear treat bag, and the other utilizes a mason jar. All are easy and adorable!

You’ll need: a few sprigs of pine, 3 cinnamon sticks, and 3 peppermint sticks.

OPTION 1: Add potpourri ingredients to a clear treat bag (I like 6×10). Fold over the top of the bag and secure with a piece of washi tape. Turn the bag over, and adhere a printed tag.

Homemade Holiday Stovetop Potpourri
Homemade Holiday Stovetop Potpourri

OPTION 2: Place ingredients in the treat bag, and use a piece of red baker’s twine to tie on the tag.

Holiday Stovetop Potpourri Recipe

OPTION 3: Fill a small mason jar with the potpourri ingredients, and attach lid and ring. Adhere the tag to the top of the ring, or tie around the lid.


Download tags and print onto kraft cardstock. You can also use white cardstock if you like! I didn’t create circle lines around the printable, so you weren’t limited in the size of the circle. Use a mason jar lid or upside down glass to draw a circle around the text. I used a couple of different sizes, so you can make them a little bigger or smaller per your preference.

If I’m not tying them on, and adhering the tags to the front of the bag, then I like less empty space between the words and the edge of the circle. When I’m tying them on, I leave a little more blank space to make room for a hole punch. In the pictures above for the tied bag, you’ll see that I used a tag without that extra space, and so I had to punch below the text. It makes it harder to see the words, so the next time I made my tag bigger! You can see that in the example below.

Holiday Stovetop Potpourri
Homemade Holiday Stovetop Potpourri

Download Tags

How to make Holiday Stovetop Potpourri

You will love how simple and easy this is!

In a small pot, place a few sprigs of fresh pine, 2-3 peppermint sticks, and 2-3 cinnamon sticks. Add water to cover, and simmer on low. You can add more water as needed. Get ready for your house to smell AMAZING!! I’ve include these directions on the tag, so the recipient knows what to do as well.

Holiday Stovetop Potpourri

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