DIY Valentine Tree: Valentine’s Day Decor

Use branches, hearts, and a pitcher to create the most adorable & simple DIY Valentine tree! Easy and inexpensive Valentine’s Day decor.

I recently came across the most fabulous red and white striped pitcher, and being enormously obsessed with both red and stripes, I felt as if it was fate. The best part? It was only $10!  It was a good day.  I had packed it away for next Christmas, but then I realized how perfect it would be for Valentine’s Day.  With a little card stock, twine, and a few branches, an adorable Valentine Tree was born!

Valentine Tree Valentine's Day Decor

It’s the perfect centerpiece for my table, but I know it would look super cute on a mantel, entry or buffet table, or kitchen counter. Wouldn’t these be cute as party centerpieces?  Or even wedding centerpieces?  Guests could write little messages to the bride and groom on the hearts!

Valentine Tree Valentine's Day Decor

You can use the hearts on your tree as decor, or leave an extra pile of hearts around the pitcher (with the twine already on it) for the people in your family to write little notes to each other and hang on the tree.  It would be a really cute countdown, or just as part of the Valentine month.

It really is SO easy to make. Here’s what you need:


  • -cardstock
  • -baker’s twine
  • -pitcher
  • -branches
  • -pitcher


The branches came from my backyard, and this is the perfect time to find them, because everything is bare. I used my Silhouette to cut out 2.5 inch hearts out of super cute polka dot paper (but you can totally cut out your own), punched holes in them, and tied them on the tree with baker’s twine.

That’s it!!  LOVE!  If you decide to use a white pitcher, you could add colored hearts instead–red, pink, striped, polka dot–and even in different shapes if you want to.  This is one of those projects that can easily be changed up to fit what you have on hand, and whatever you need it for.

We do a Valentine’s Day countdown every year, with a fun (and simple) activity every day starting February 1st. Printable labels are included in that post, and you could use those, or even create your own family activities and write them on the back of each of these hearts to use it as a countdown as well.

Valentine Tree Valentine's Day Decor


Valentine Tree Valentine's Day Decor

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  1. This is super cute and I actually have that scrapbook paper!! So this is a definitely a quick project for me that I can do right away!

  2. Hi! What sized pitcher is this? I saw one for 22 ounces and one for 124 ounces! Thanks in advance!!

    1. It’s a pretty good size–I can’t go measure it right now (just had surgery and can’t get out of bed), but it’s definitely not the 22 ounce pitcher. It’s on the larger side!

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