Greenery Spring Hoop Wreath

A simple greenery spring hoop wreath that’s super easy to make, and perfect for adding spring and summer to your front door or any room in your home.

I just love simple DIY decor, and this spring hoop wreath fits the bill. In less than an hour, I had a gorgeous wreath ready for any spot in my home. I’ve actually been moving it around from place to place, trying to figure out where I want it to go. But I love it so much, I’m going to make a few more! Best of all, this wreath works not just as a spring wreath, but summer and even fall!

Spring Hoop Wreath

This wreath has actually been on my list for awhile, and since we are home for the next few weeks, I decided it was the perfect time to do it. Since I couldn’t get to the stores to buy supplies, I was happy to find everything I needed online.

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You need just a few things to make your own wreath:

How to make your wreath:

If you have a garland, start by removing sections of the greenery. Mine was super easy to work with–each section pulled off very easily, and I just made a little pile. You may need to use scissors to clip the sections off. I would suggest longer pieces, as opposed to shorter ones–they’ll be much trickier to attach. They type of greenery you use is up to you–you might prefer one look over another. Eucalyptus, boxwood, and other greens would also work well.

Once you have your greenery ready, lay it out along one side of your hoop wreath–with the metal part of the hoop at the bottom.

When it’s laid out the way you like it, use small pieces of the twine to tie them on. Why twine? Well, I didn’t want to use hot glue with these thin pieces of greenery (thought the glue might be too clumpy and noticeable), and I didn’t love the way floral wire looked, But if you prefer either of those options, they would totally work! Plus, the twine feels really natural, and works well with the other elements of the wreath. I always have twine/jute on hand, and I use it for so many things. Love it!

It took about 4-5 pieces of twine on each side to tie on my greenery. I also would tuck other pieces inside the knot after it was tied, to fill in a space if needed.

When you’re finished with one side, repeat the process on the other side.

The simple greenery and natural wood tones are farmhouse perfection!

I’m just so happy with how it turned out…now I just need to decide where to put it! Although I am going to make a few more, because I think it’s just going to be too hard to choose.

I love it on my dining room chalkboard…

And also on our dutch door…

This is one of my favorite projects…so easy and simple, both in design and execution. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. I am not very crafty, but this was so simple and elegant, I had to give it a try! I’ve gotten loads of compliments!!

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