Our Farmhouse Dutch Door

A dutch door adds so much farmhouse charm to our home, and I get asked about it all the time. It’s one of my favorite things, and I’m sharing all the details today, plus a few FAQ.

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Before we even started building Old Salt Farm, one of the things I knew that I really wanted was a Dutch Door. I’ve always wanted one, and love everything about them. They just completely change a space, and add so much charm.

Farmhouse Dutch Door

I went back and forth as to where to put the dutch door–the front door, in my mudroom, or here in the kitchen. In the end, I went with the kitchen/dining room, and I’m so glad. This door is right in the middle of these two spaces, and it really has made a difference as opposed to a regular door. I’m also not ruling out switching out my front door at some point!

Farmhouse Dutch Door
Farmhouse Kitchen Dutch Door

I love to have a wreath hanging on it, and I have hooks on both the inside and the outside. It’s also so fun to decorate at the holidays and different seasons.

Farmhouse Dutch Door Wreath

Dutch Door FAQ

I get a lot of questions and comments about my dutch door (especially on my Old Salt Farm Instagram) so I wanted to do a little FAQ here.

Do you leave it open? What about the bugs?

Great question! We live in upstate New York, as a frame of reference. In the spring and fall, I can leave the top open, because we don’t really have bugs during those times. I love the crisp air and smell that it brings into our home. It’s really too hot and humid in the summer to leave it open for any length of time during the day, at least for me. This door leads out to our patio, so it is used throughout the summer, but not left open. Although it’s nice as a serving door–I can just hand things out the top part so they can be set up outside. I would like to sometimes open it for the cool summer evenings, but I do need to find a screen solution. I don’t want a permanent full length screen door, but I have a couple of options: there are magnetic screens you can get that will hang up easily and temporarily, and I could just put it up when needed. I’ve also been trying to design a half screen door–a really cute wood one that I could have up all the time. So…stay tuned!

Farmhouse Signs Dutch Door

Where do you get a Dutch door?

I ordered our Dutch door through the same local company that ordered all of our doors and windows when we built. They gave me catalogs to look through, and I chose it from there. I wanted one with 9 square windows on the top, to let through plenty of light, and I was lucky to find exactly what I was looking for. I do have the information available the maker of the door, and where you can find it. It came unfinished, and we painted it white.

Here’s the link–and there’s a tool to search for dealers in your area. They have other styles as well.

Dutch door: Rogue Valley, Model #4035

You can also find a Dutch door on Amazon!

If you have any other questions, please let me know!

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