You’ve Been Boo’ed Printables

You’ve Been Boo’ed is a Halloween tradition that’s fun for both giving and receiving! Spread a little Halloween cheer by booing your neighbors, family, friends or coworkers. Printables included.

One of our most favorite family traditions is to “boo” our neighbors and friends a few weeks before Halloween.  We make up two or three plates of yummy treats, print off cute boo signs and instructions, and then sneak out into the night dressed in black clothing. (Okay…it’s usually our pajamas, but we pretend we’re totally undercover.) Then we secretly deliver them! We all love it, and we usually talk about our “undercover missions” for weeks to come (especially the close calls!).

You've Been Boo'ed Printables |

Halloween traditions are the best. We love making toasted cinnamon & sugar pumpkin seeds, dipping caramel apples, and counting down with Halloween books. Booing is definitely a favorite, and a really fun tradition that you can also spread throughout your neighborhood, and when you drop off of the treats, you can leave them with the information and invitation to keep it going.

I love this tradition because not only is it something our family genuinely loves to do together and looks forward to. It’s also putting the focus on others, and hopefully spreading a little holiday cheer to someone who needs it.

This is also so fun to do in a work setting with colleagues, and I’ve included an “I’ve Been Boo’ed” printable below (use the same letter).

You've Been Boo'ed Printable

How does it work?

  • Make treats or buy Halloween candy and package it up with a cute “you’ve been boo’ed” tag.
  • Deliver the treats to a friend or neighbor, place them on the porch, ring the doorbell, and RUN! It’s best to do this at night, under the cover of darkness.
  • Along with the treats, leave them a sign to hang up in their window, and the letter  for what to do next.


  • Treats in a bag, basket, jar, or on a plate–however you want to give them! We’ve done lots of different things.
  • You’ve Been Boo’ed Printables

Favorite Halloween Treats

We’ve given many different things over the years, but a few of our favorites include:

Any fun Halloween treat will work!

Download Printables

I have all the printables you need for your own “You’ve Been Boo’ed” escapade! You’ll need to print the following:


Tags: Small These are for tying onto your treats! (Small or large, depending on how it’s packaged.)

Tags: Large

Door Sign

We’ve Been Boo’ed Door Sign: This is the sign that the recipients will place in their window on their door, so everyone knows they’ve already been boo’ed.

I’ve Been Boo’ed Sign — This is the same as the door sign, but for an individual person. It’s great for using with colleagues at work!

Letter Instructions to Recipients

You’ve Been Boo’ed Letter: Include this letter with your treats—it gives all the instructions your recipients need to continue the tradition.


What are each of the printables for?

1. Choose a large or small tag to tie onto your treats. 2. Print and bring a lot the door/window sign. They hang this up so others in your neighborhood will know who has already been boo’ed. 3. You’ve Been Boo’ed Letter tells them what they can do next if they’d like to continue and keep it going.

Would this work for colleagues?

Yes! I’ve included a desk/door sign that says “I’ve Been Boo’ed” just for this purpose. It’s a fun way to spread a little Halloween cheer in the workplace.

More Halloween ideas

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*Originally posted 2013

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