Christmas Baking Day Recipes

Have a Christmas Baking Day with your family or friends, then perfect time to make yummy holiday treats and spend time together. 13 favorite Christmas baking recipes and Christmas baking ideas included!

The kitchen is truly the heart of our home. No matter the size of our home or apartment over the years, this is true. We spend so much time in the kitchen together as a family. Cooking, baking, gathering around the table for meals, playing games, eating a midnight snack, doing homework, and so much more.  During the holidays it’s even more so that way, and when friends & family come to visit, the kitchen is where we gather. The kitchen is even more magical during the holiday season.  So many yummy smells emanating from that part of the house, not to mention the warmth of the oven.    

Christmas Baking Day Family Holiday Tradition

Christmas Baking Day: Fun Family Tradition

My kids absolutely love to be in the kitchen with me, and helping in any way I’ll let them. They also know there’s usually a payoff involved, in the form of licking the spoon or getting a few extra chocolate chips! I knew that they would especially love it if they all got plenty of time to help, with lots of different projects to work on together.  With so much Christmas baking to do, all of these things seemed to meld together, and a Family Christmas Baking Day was born.

How does it work? After getting input from everyone, and deciding on what we’re doing for neighbor gifts, I make a list of all the baking I want and need to and gather all the supplies ahead of time.  I also map out what needs to be done, and an order that makes the most sense. This is based on what needs the oven and what doesn’t. We designate a day, write it on the calendar, and make sure we set that time aside.

Christmas Baking Day Family Holiday Tradition

Then…we get to work.  Christmas music goes on, and the fun begins!  I have the best helpers! They love to stir, measure and pour in ingredients, use the mixer, and they are the best at unwrapping candies. It does take longer, but that’s okay. Being together is the most important part of the day.

With a very young family, often the baking “day” is not really a full day. As the years go by, and the kids get older, that will change. They will gradually be able to do more and more, and the day can get longer. For right now, we do as much as can together, then I finish up what’s left. 

At the end of the day, we’ve accomplished a lot. Usually just about everything is done that needs to be. Friend & neighbor gifts are set to go, and we’ve done it together. 

Fun Holiday Tradition for Friends

Baking day is also a really fun tradition to have with friends. One of my most favorite (and funniest) Christmas memories is a baking night with some of my best friends. We decided to each bring a new recipe to try together. We would divide them up to take home with us when we were finished. Oh my goodness, I don’t know if I have laughed that hard or for that long since.  We each had a major fail and none of them looked liked they were supposed to. (Even though they did taste good.) It was hilarious.  Like so hilarious my sides ached and cheeks hurt long after we said goodbye for the night. It will always be a memory I treasure!

Favorite Baking Day Christmas Recipes

Some of our most favorite Christmas recipes were inherited from my Grandmother, who was an incredible Southern cook and baker.  When I was little, the most anticipated package of the whole Christmas season came from her. It was always chock full of delicious Christmas goodies. I don’t think they lasted more than an hour! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  Others have been passed down from my mom, and shared by friends. 

Here are some of our family favorites…Happy Baking! 

  • Christmas Lights Cookies
  • Caramels
  • Hot Fudge

Make Crockpot Hot Chocolate to enjoy while you’re baking! It’s so easy and yummy…everyone will love it!

Crockpot Hot Chocolate

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