Favorite farmhouse style decor…and where to find it!

I am in love with all things farmhouse, and I’m always on the lookout for the cutest farmhouse style decor.

In my search, I’ve come across some really great sites, and discovered some of my favorite items that I want to share with you today…and also where to get them. What I love about just about every one of these items is that they can cross style genres–industrial, traditional, coastal–and can fit into so many different types of spaces. I absolutely love each of these!

Favorite Farmhouse Style Decor...and where to find it!

Favorite Farmhouse Style Decor

Wire baskets //

Boxwood wreath //

3-tier metal stand //

Ribbed creamware batter bowl //

Vintage metal scale clock //

White pitcher //

Galvanized cake stand //

Enamel bread box //

Nesting herb crates //

Cotton wreath (or here) //

Creamware Platters (or here) //

Chalkboard crates //

I have quite a few of these, but would love to have them all! :)

Favorite resources for farmhouse style decor


Yep! Amazon is one of my favorite places for farmhouse finds, and often they’ll be the lowest price around.  I always search there first, and I can almost always find what I’m looking for, or something similar.

Farmhouse Wares

They consistently have great finds, but sometimes they’re out of stock, and you have to wait a bit before they’re re-stocked.  If you love something there, and it’s in stock–try and grab it if you can, it can go quickly!

Decor Steals

They offer one steal a day, and usually an extended steal or two.  Hurry fast and buy it if you love it–some items sell out in just a couple of hours!  Get on their email list, and every day they send out what the steal of the day is.  It’s one I check just about every day, because I do love so many of their things.

The Magnolia Market

Who doesn’t love Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper?  I adore so many things in their shop!

 Save on Crafts

They have pretty good prices, and even though I don’t love everything on their site, it’s easy to sift through and find the gems that I do love.  I have several of their boxwood wreaths, and adore them!

 World Market

Yes, World Market!  They don’t have a farmhouse style overall, but they do have some, especially in the kitchen area, that I always love.  Serving ware, cake plates, beverage containers, plus some of their furniture–okay, I could go on for awhile!

Painted Fox

Super cute stuff!  The prices are a little higher, but if you find something you really love, it might be worth the splurge.


I am a huge etsy fan, and I always check there if I’m looking for something specific.


If you like modern farmhouse style, Target usually has some really great decor options, including Threshold and Hearth & Hand.

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