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summer bucket list


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love beyond measure | oldsaltfarm.com

Right click on image, and save to your computer.  Insert into a Word Document, and re-size as needed.

Full Sheet of 1.5 inch tags


(originally posted on “d is for dad & g is for grandpa”)

Click on the links below to download questions sheets–pdf files.

d is for dad questions–pdf

g is for grandpa questions–pdf

d is for dad tags– full sheet–pdf

***I’ve had SO many problems out of these pdf files for some reason, which has never happened to me before.  So–I’m also attaching the Word documents, which hopefully will work for you if the pdf doesn’t.

d is for dad questions–Word file

g is for grandpa questions–Word file

Right click on the following images and save to your computer.  Insert as a picture into Word, and re-size as necessary!  I size mine to 2 inches.

d is for dad 2 copy

d is for daddy

g is for grandpa 2 copy


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Father’s Day Printable Tag

Father’s Day Printable with Space for Hershey Kiss

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father's day printable | oldsaltfarm.com

father's day printable | oldsaltfarm.com


{originally posted on “thoughts on motherhood & life)

enjoy life quote | oldsaltfarm.com
{ teacher bookmarks}
teacher bookmark green

teacher bookmarks | oldsaltfarm.com


{paper sack mother’s day cards}

Right click on the image to save to your computer.  Full pdf printable links are below.

M is for Mom: Single Imageg is for grandma copyg is for grammem is for mimin is for nanam is for mumM is for Mom Tags: Full Sheet

Questions for Grandma!

Senior Primary (older children)

Junior Primary (younger children}

***I’ve had SO many problems from the questions pdf files, that I’m adding the Word files too–hopefully they will work for you!!

grandma questions–Word file

mother’s day card questions (younger) –Word file

mother’s day card questions (older) -Word file


{berries for jam}
Right click on each image, and save to your computer.  Insert as a picture into a Word file and size to 2 inches.  Print onto white, cream, or light brown cardstock, and use a 2 inch circle punch to cut it out.  It will fit perfectly on top of a mason jar lid!!  Distress the edges if desired. 
berries for jam copy berry sweet copy jam copy out of a jam copy