Burlap Flag Silverware Holders

I’m always trying to find simple and inexpensive ways to decorate and make everything festive.  Enter in these adorable Burlap Flag Silverware Holders—I absolutely love them, and you’ll love how easy they are! They’re perfect for your 4th of July or Memorial Day table! 

Burlap Flag Silverware Holder | oldsaltfarm.com



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Slide a piece of cardboard or heavy card stock inside the burlap bag to prevent the paint from going all the way through the bag.

Use painter’s tape to create stripes, and an area for the blue/stars.  I only had wide tape, and I needed my stripes to be much thinner, so I tore off a piece to match the length, laid it on the bag, then folded it on top of itself until it was the right width. Worked really well!

Burlap Flag Silverware Holders | oldsaltfarm.com

Paint red in the open stripes, and blue in the stars area.  Let dry completely.

Remove the tape, then using the very tip of the foam brush, paint the white stripes.

Dab the bottom of a pen (the round part) into the white paint, and use it to add polka dots in the blue area, to represent the stars. You can always use a star stencil if you want to, but I wanted it to be fast and easy.  Plus, I like polka dots! Let dry completely.

Burlap Flag Silverware Holder | oldsaltfarm.com

Now you’re ready to slide in your silverware (plastic or wood tableware would look super cute too) and set the table!

Burlap Flag Silverware Holder | oldsaltfarm.com

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Burlap Flag Silverware Holder

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  1. HI,
    I just Love your blog!! I seen your Decorative Wooden Letters and clicked on the link but it doesn’t take me to it so I can see how to make them.
    Thank you.
    Hugs, Teresa

    1. Hi, Teresa! I’m so sorry, that post was a really old one that somehow got deleted. But I can tell you that the letters were purchased at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. If you take the letter and trace it face down on a piece of scrapbook paper, then cut it out, and mod podge it on to the wooden letter, you’ll have a really cute set of Decorative Wooden Letters! You can use paper that coordinates with any season or theme. Hope this helps!!

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