Vintage Boys’ Room in Navy & Red

A simple and darling vintage boys’ room makeover featuring navy, red gingham, grain stripe pillows, vintage fire truck art, and more.

Vintage Boys' Bedroom in Navy & Red

It really started with my twin boys’ bedding. They’re responsible for making their own beds every day, and with the beds right up against the wall, it was tricky. Each morning my husband or I would “parachute” their quilt so they could make their bed a little more easily. Finally I decided that it was time for new bedding—the zip-up bedding that makes making beds a breeze. Since I was switching out the bedding, I decided to make a few other changes, and reorganize a few things before decorating.

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Keeping it simple…organized bedroom space

I like to keep bedrooms simple. We don’t keep toys in bedrooms, and that helps immensely with organization and keeping it clean. I also recently organized their closet so that I could take the large dresser out of their room. I put my favorite storage organizer with fabric cubes in the bottom half of the closet. It not only utilized all of the closet, but totally opened up the room, and made the space seem so much larger. It’s not a huge room, so this really made a huge difference.

A weathered nightstand went in the place of the dresser and I added a basket for a few of their favorite books, and some that they’re currently reading. We have bookshelves in another space, so these are to have close.

Vintage Boys’ Room Details

Don’t you just love that vintage fire truck print? The digital file came from Etsy, and I just had it printed at Sam’s Club. I framed it in a poster frame, and it turned out perfectly!

The huge paper mache letters I spray painted in navy, then used command hooks to hang them up. I just love them above the boys’ beds. And the metal beds? They’re from Better Homes & Gardens, and I adore them. I also have them in cream in my girls’ rooms. They’re such a reasonable price, and just so cute.

I’m excited to talk about the bedding too. After all, it’s what started this whole room makeover! I love Beddy’s bedding. It has just made such a difference–it’s SO easy for my boys to make their beds every day. It’s quick–just zip up the sides! Everything is attached, so at night they unzip either one side or both sides, and crawl in. The sheet material is so cozy!

When washing the twin size, I can just remove it all in one piece, and throw it in the washer. They are not inexpensive. I saved for awhile to get both of them, and waited until I had a discount. But I will say that they were worth every single penny. I’m so glad I got them, and I have zero regrets. (I have a discount just for my readers…OLDSALTFARM20)

And the red gingham I’m seriously in love with. Like SO much. It’s a duvet cover, and it came with the matching sham. I found a cozy white duvet to go inside, and it adds an extra layer of warmth in the winter. The rest of the year it sure looks cute at the end of the bed!

The grain stripe pillows came from an Etsy shop that has since closed, but here’s a similar one.

And everyone is happy. The boys love it, and so do I!

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Vintage Boys' Room in Navy Red

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