Easy DIY Chalkboard

Make this easy DIY Chalkboard in an afternoon! This simple farmhouse decor adds farmhouse charm and style to any space. Perfect for your kitchen, office, bedroom, playroom, and more!

Easy DIY Chalkboard Farmhouse Decor

Perfect farmhouse decor

I just adore chalkboards, and I have them throughout my house. I even have an entire chalkboard wall! They are a quick and easy project, and are a perfect way to add farmhouse charm to any room in your home. I have them in my office, kitchen, laundry, library, and soon to be in the playroom. I’ve made them all different sizes–and that’s the beauty of this project–you can make it to your specifications and needs.

Easy DIY Chalkboard Farmhouse Decor

This particular chalkboard hangs in my mudroom/laundry room. It’s right by the door that goes to the garage, and we leave the most often through this door. I really wanted a place to leave quick messages for family members–whether it’s a hello, an I love you, or reminder. I just love it. Perfect farmhouse decor–super cute + practical!

Farmhouse Decor Mudroom

Easy DIY Chalkboard

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1/4 in. birch plywood

-1×4 pine boards (enough to go around the chalkboard

 stain (this is what I used!)

wood glue (this is my favorite brand!)

nail gun and 3/4 inch nails (or hammer and nails)

-chalkboard paint

-foam brushes


*You can purchase the plywood in a 4×8 sheet for around $25, and then you can cut it to the size you want it to be. This one is 24×24, which means I could actually get 8 chalkboards from this one piece. If you want to get together and make one with friends, you could split the cost!

*Paint the plywood board with three layers of chalkboard paint using a foam brush, letting each coat dry before adding the next

*While the paint is drying, cut the frame pieces to size.  The frame sits right on top of the plywood, so I cut 4 pieces of trim. The top and bottom pieces are the length of the plywood–so 24 inches long. To figure out the sides, just subtract how many the width in inches of the top and bottom trim. If you’re using a 1×4, then it’s really about 3.5 inches in width. That would be a total of 7 inches including the top and bottom. So that means the side pieces should be cut to 17 inches, for a total of 24 inches.

*Once the boards were cut, stain them and let dry completely.

*Attach the boards to the chalkboard frame first with wood glue, and then with 3/4 inch nails.  We used a nail gun, but you could also use a hammer!

*The last IMPORTANT step is to season the chalkboard to avoid any “ghosting”. That means if you write on it without completing this process, you will never be able to fully erase what you write on it–a faint image will remain there forever.  Seasoning takes just a few minutes–use the side of a piece of chalk to completely chalk over the entire board, first vertically, then horizontally.  Wipe it all off with a lint-free cloth, and remove the excess dust. That’s it!  You’re ready to hang your DIY chalkboard.

*I added the hooks and wreath for an extra fun touch, and I love it!

Farmhouse Mud Room Shiplap
Easy DIY Chalkboard Farmhouse Decor

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