Printable Family Summer Calendar 2022

Use this printable family summer calendar to easily keep track of all your summer plans and activities, plus all the “possibilities” and summer happenings in your community.

Year number 11! I’ve been using this calendar for so many years now, and still absolutely love it. Summer is full of so many fun activities, and I needed a place to keep them all straight when they started piling up. I originally created this calendar as a space to write down all the “possibilities”, then add the ones we choose to do on to our regular calendar. This also helps us make our “summer bucket list”, which we do as school is getting out. It worked so well that I’ve continued it year after year, and had other families tell me the same.

paddleboarding Lake Minerva


A separate calendar really is so helpful for the summer months. It gives me space for all of the library story times, park days, local festivals, holiday celebrations, and other summer activities that are regularly scheduled throughout the summer months. Adding in times and availability for other summer activities, such as paddle boarding, kayaking, picking blueberries, bowling (for rainy days), and more, is also very helpful. Often we won’t have made specific plans for the week or day, but we’ll look at the summer calendar to help us see what’s going on and then decide!

This helps me keep my regular calendar free of all the extra activities we wouldn’t necessarily be doing, but a great place for all the activities we are interested in doing. It also cuts down on having to search for activities in the moment, or multiple spots holding all the information.

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The calendar is organized by months, and divided into weeks. Each day has three slots for activities or plans, so there’s plenty of room for all the goings-on. You can print it by month, or the entire summer

Printable Summer Calendar

Download a free summer calendar for families…

PDF and Excel options are available. You can use the calendar digitally, or print–whichever is easier!

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