Summer Reading Bingo

As an avid reader, I really want to pass along that love of reading to my own kids, and summertime is the perfect time to do it!  It’s also essential for their academic success to read as much as possible when they’re out of school, and I’ve learned that making it fun is key. One of our favorite summer activities is our annual Summer Reading Programand this year I decided to add to the fun with Summer Reading Bingo!

Summer Reading Bingo |

We usually start out the summer really strong with reading, and then as the weeks go along, it gets a little tougher.  I’m going to save this Summer Reading Bingo game for when we need a little reading pick-me-up!


Every day, each child picks a reading square to complete, and when it’s completed, I mark it off with a marker or piece of washi tape.  When they get Bingo, they get a fun prize!  They’re not anything big–just fun things that I know the kids will like.  Candy, stickers, staying up late to watch a movie, etc.  They can then work on another row to get Bingo again. If they fill up the whole card, they get a special prize!

I use the same card for each of my kids, because they all get to choose their own spaces, and it’s automatically different for each one of them.

It’s super easy to do, takes very little prep, and is a really fun way to mix up summer reading and give it a little pick-me-up when you need it!

If your kids don’t read yet, you can still play Bingo, just read to them instead! It would be a fun way to make reading a little bit different during the summer months.

All you need to do is click on the link below, and download the pdf file.  Print on to white cardstock. If you want to re-use it from year to year, laminate it, and use washi tape to mark off the squares.


PDF file

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Summer Reading Bingo

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