Coloring Letter to Santa Template

A printable coloring letter to Santa template. Just print, color, and your kids are ready to write their Christmas wishes for Santa Claus. An already colored version also included.

Writing letters to Santa is a big deal around here. In this very digital age, it’s a rarity that letters are written or sent, so I especially love that this is a chance for them to do so. I created a printable template that they can color, which makes it extra fun.

Printable Coloring Letter to Santa template

Sending letters to Santa is a beloved Christmas tradition at our house, and it’s especially fun to mail them and then receive a reply. My kids love writing, but they also really love coloring. I decided to combine the two! I’ve created a simple coloring Santa letter template that’s super easy to use—just print, color, and send. Every child’s letter will be customized just the way

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I love to keep their letters (usually a digital copy) from every year. I’ll look back at them to see how they’ve grown, how their handwriting has changed, and what kinds of gifts were important to them at the time.

What you’ll need

In order to print and color, you’ll need access to:

How to print coloring letter to Santa template

  • Download the file below.
  • Print on to white paper. The coloring page is a standard 8.5 x 11 size.
  • Color and send to Santa!

TIP: For all the info on how to send your letters to Santa and get a reply, I’ve got a post that will fill you in on all the details. It really is SO fun for kids to open the mailbox and see a letter to them…from Santa!!

Download template

Click on the download buttons below.

Color version

Just in case you want a template that’s already in color, I’ve included one for you to download and print.


What size is the file? They are both 8×5 x 11, standard paper size. No need to alter.

Do I have to use white paper? No, you can use whatever color you like. However, it will be harder to see the lines on darker colors, and crayons will look different on colored paper.

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