Easy Way to Water a Christmas Tree

Looking for an easy way to water a Christmas tree? This method is super quick, easy, and only uses three items!

One of our most favorite Christmas traditions is cutting down a tree for our family room. We look forward to it every year, and some of the best holiday memories have come from our adventures in tree cutting!

We love real trees, but one of the duties that comes with it is to make sure it stays watered for the duration of the holiday season. It means nearly daily watering, and we’ve come up with a method that makes it SO easy. No more crawling under the tree, battling branches and spilling water. It’s a super simple method, and uses just three items that you may even already have around your house.

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An EASY way to water your Christmas tree

The three items you need are a piece of 1.5 inch PVC pipe, duct tape, and a funnel that fits inside the pipe.

We cut the pipe to the length we wanted—about 4.5 feet. That was long enough to go from the bottom of the stand, up to about my waist. Depending the height of your tree, this measurement can change–just cut it to the length you need.

Once the pipe is cut to length, just insert the funnel inside the pipe and duct tape them together.

Slide the PVC pipe into the stand, up through the branches of the tree. That’s it!! SO quick and easy! No more bending or crawling beneath the tree!

We actually leave the pipe in the tree all the time, because we hit it on the back side of the tree and it can’t be seen. But you can always take it in and out every time you water if you need to, or if you can’t hide it.

It makes watering a breeze, and even my kids can help, since it’s so easy!

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Easy Way to Water Your Christmas Tree

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