Mailing Easter eggs!

Yes! You can mail Easter eggs!  Send them to your kids, grandkids, or other loved ones, and see how how surprised they are! SO fun!  

Mailing Easter Eggs |

When I saw an idea to mail Easter eggs, I immediately fell in love with it, and REALLY wanted to try it.  I have to admit though, I was kind of skeptical.  I mean, how often do you see Easter eggs go through the mail? I knew my kids would L.O.V.E it–they are always asking if there is anything in the mailbox for them, so how exciting to not only get something with their name on it, but something SUPER fun!  So…I decided to put it to the test.  SO glad I did–it worked!!!  :)

The plan was to use jumbo size plastic eggs (I wouldn’t use the regular/small eggs), but I couldn’t find any at any of my normal stops, including the dollar store.  My mom found these EXTRA large eggs at the dollar store though, and snapped them up for me.  For $1 each, I was okay with that!

**UPDATE:  I ended up loving the bigger eggs so much, I use them every year. I just found them at Michaels for a little over $1 each.

Since they were so big (6-7 inches long, about 4 inches wide), I knew I couldn’t use that much candy or they would weigh a ton, so I crumpled up two catalog pages and put them in the very bottom, then added Easter grass on top.    Candy came next!  I printed out labels with their name and address, and made them “extra fancy” by putting “Mr.” and “Miss” in front of their names.  I added a return address label, then a ton of packing tape to keep the lid secure and in place.  I decided to do one per child, because I have 5 kids, even though the eggs were so big.  If I had less than that, I would probably have combined them all in one egg. The jumbo-size eggs, if you can find them, would be perfect for one.

Mailing Easter Eggs |

Next stop?  The post office!  I was really curious to see what they would say, but it was no problem, and they were actually really excited about it.  The lady who helped us told me that they love getting fun things like this, and showed the other employees.  It was super easy to do, and cost around $3 per egg.  The smaller jumbo-sized egg would be much less expensive, probably around $1.50 or so, but I didn’t think $3 was too bad for how big these eggs were!

Mailing Easter Eggs |

Since it was local mail, they came the very next day!  We don’t have regular mailboxes here–they have the kind with a lot of locked boxes together, a couple of places throughout the neighborhood.  I was really hoping I could send the kids to get the mail and discover them, but our super sweet mail deliverer didn’t want them to melt in the hot box, so she brought them to the door.  I left them on the front porch, so they could still find them.

After baths it was finally time…

eggs kids door copy

I think they were a little shocked at first, but then it was pure pandemonium.  :) It was the best–I loved it more than they did, I think, and that’s saying a lot!  I think we’ve found a new Easter tradition!

I don’t think this has to be limited to kids…I would love getting an egg full of candy in the mail too, wouldn’t you?

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  1. My son sent an egg to his great aunt this afternoon. He is so excited for her to get it. The ladies at the post office were so excited when he carried it in. They were telling my kids a lot of different odd things that you mail

    1. Yay! I’m so glad! That’s so fun—for the person doing the mailing and the person receiving! xoxo

  2. I had no idea the post office would accept a thing that wasn’t packaged in a box or envelope! This is great news. I have brother in a small nursing home where the residents would love to get something like that. I could fill them with little puzzles, wind up Easter themed toys, and other cute things because most of them can’t have candy. Thank you for sharing this terrific idea! And have a blessed Easter!

    1. Yes–it’s so fun that the post office will ship other things too. Sending it your brother and the other residents of his nursing home is a fantastic idea!! SO fun!

  3. I ran across this on FB last week. Today I picked up a few eggs at the Dollar Tree. One for my mom in Florida and one for my nephew who is a freshman in college. I thought it would be fun to send an egg full of treats to his college mail box!

    1. Yay! It’s perfect for loved ones that don’t live close…and so great for college kids!! So fun!! xoxo

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