How To Mail Plastic Easter Eggs

Yes! You can mail plastic Easter eggs! Send them to your kids, grandkids, or other loved ones, and see how how surprised they are! So much Easter fun! Originally posted March 2013. Updated 2023.

When I thought of trying to mail Easter eggs I immediately loved the idea, and REALLY wanted to try it. I have to admit though, I was kind of skeptical. I mean, how often do you see Easter eggs go through the mail? I knew my kids would love it–they are always asking if there is anything in the mailbox for them. How exciting to not only get something with their name on it, but something SUPER fun! So…I decided to put it to the test. SO glad I did––it worked!

Mailing Easter Eggs

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Mailing plastic Easter Eggs

Look for the jumbo plastic Easter eggs–I wouldn’t use the tiny ones. I find them at my local dollar store, and they pretty much carry them every year. The eggs with the see through plastic top are my favorite, but any of them will work.

*You can find them on Amazon and at Walmart too if your dollar tree doesn’t have one. They often have them at Walmart for $1 as well–but it’s pickup only. You can follow the link below to see if they have them near you.

How to mail Easter Eggs

Since they were so big (6-7 inches long, about 4 inches wide), I knew I couldn’t use that much candy or they would weigh a ton, so I crumpled up two magazine pages (you could use newspaper too), put them in the very bottom, then added Easter grass on top. If you’re using smaller eggs, you might not have to have as much filler. 

Candy came next! I chose their favorite candy, including a little chocolate. If it’s going to be sent to a really warm climate, you may want to leave out the chocolate, so it doesn’t melt in transit. I also used mostly small pieces, but put in 1-2 bigger pieces on top. Even with the paper and grass I was able to fit in quite a bit of candy. You could even include small toys if you have the space, or you’re trying not send as many sweets or treats,

I printed out labels with their name and address, and made them “extra fancy” by putting “Mr.” and “Miss” in front of their names. I added a return address label, then a ton of clear packing tape to keep the lid secure and in place. I decided to do one per child, because I have 5 kids, even though the eggs were so big. If I had less than that, I may have combined them all in one egg. The jumbo-size eggs, if you can find them, would be perfect for one.

Mailing Plastic Easter Eggs

At the post office…

Next stop? The post office! I was really curious to see what they would say, but it was no problem, and they were actually really excited about it. The lady who helped us told me that they love getting fun things like this, and showed the other employees. It was super easy to do, and cost around $3 per egg. The smaller jumbo-sized egg would be much less expensive, probably around $1.50 or so, but I didn’t think $3 was too bad for how big these eggs were!

Mailing Easter Eggs

I didn’t need to add postage stamps, I just had the post office weigh them and add stickers.

Mailing Easter Eggs

Since it was local mail, they came the very next day! We don’t have regular mailboxes here–they have the kind with a lot of locked boxes together, a couple of places throughout the neighborhood. I was really hoping I could send the kids to get the mail and discover them, but our super sweet mail deliverer didn’t want them to melt in the hot box, so she brought them to the door. I left them on the front porch, so they could still find them.

After baths it was finally time…

Mailing Easter Eggs

I think they were a little shocked at first, but then it was pure pandemonium. It was the best! And it was so fun for me too.  I think we’ve found a new Easter tradition! 

These are fun for all ages, from toddlers and preschoolers up to high school and college kids! Add this to your list of Easter traditions, along with your Easter egg hunt!

This doesn’t have to be limited to kids…I would love getting an egg full of candy in the mail too, wouldn’t you? Send to a friend or family member filled with their favorite candy, or even small items like lip balm or a gift card.  Definitely no age limit to get an Easter surprise in the mail!

UPDATE: Ten years later, this has continued to be such a fun tradition for our family. I’ve sent them to my own kids, extended family, and friends…they’re always a hit! It’s an easy way to send something fun to those you love at Easter!

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  1. Fun idea! I think my nieces and nephews would love receiving these and I know my girls would too!

  2. I did this last year! I used the medium sized eggs. I sent it to my niece and nephews. They had just got back from hunting eggs and got out of the car and checked the mail with their baskets already in their hands (totally coincidence) and there they were!!!! I’m just glad all 3 of them arrived the same time as it would be bad if one got separated and came later. That’s really the only thing I was really worried about. My post office worker was a little skeptic as he said he couldn’t promise they’d make it there! But they did! And the kids were amazed to find eggs in their mailbox! It was only $1.50 to send the medium eggs.

    1. That’s good to know about the cost of the medium eggs–I was thinking it would be about that. Glad to know they all got there at the same time!!! XO

  3. We sent valentines in an empty 2L soda bottle one year. Add some valentine candy and tons of confetti and it is instant fun! This is a great idea for Easter! I am a mail lady and I must say that we do love seeing unique packages like this! I think these eggs are now on my shopping list!

  4. So fun! I’ll have to try this for my grandkids! Years ago my husband wrote a tiny letter, put it inside a ping-pong ball and mailed it!

  5. Wondering how well the lid stayed on
    Through the mail ? Any extra advice on keeping
    The lids on?

    1. They stayed on really well, because I used clear packing tape all the way around each egg several times. The lids didn’t budge!!!

  6. I just went and picked one up at the dollar store. When I got home I noticed a small crack in the clear plastic on the samall end. Now I’m wondering if I should pick up another one, or just put tape over the crack and send it. Were any of yours cracked when you got them back in the mail? Mine has to go all the way to Florida.
    One other thing, did you only put tape around the seam or did you run tape around the other way also?
    Thanks…Such a fun idea!!!!

    1. I would get another one if it’s going all the way to Florida–just to be safe. I put tape from the top, down the sides, and over the seam, plus one the other way as well. I used a lot of tape. :) XO

  7. How cute! Our daughter is still a little young, but maybe next year. Thanks for testing it out for us! =)

  8. When I lived in Hawaii, I mailed a coconut to my sister in Utah. I just picked up a coconut off the ground, wrote a quick note on it with a Sharpie, wrote her address and took it to the post office. I don’t remember how much it cost to send but it couldn’t have been much. I loved imagining her opening the mailbox to find a coconut!!! So fun! I’ll have to find something fun to send again! Great idea!

    1. OH my goodness, that sounds so fun! I wouldn’t have thought to mail a coconut. :) I’m sure she loved it, as soon as she got over the shock. :)

  9. That’s SO FUNN! Those [eggs] are huge! (is that what she said?) :)
    I love this idea.. I might do something like it for my pen pal :D

    1. Did you send something to your pen pal? If so, you’ll have to let me know what she thought!!

  10. Got my eggs at Dollar Tree this afternoon, packed ’em full of goodies and mailed them off to my two grandsons. They’re local, so should get there tomorrow.

    The clerk just giggled while cradling them in her hands very gently to take them to a bin for special handling – she thought it was a fun idea, even though she was a bit skeptical sending them that way.

    1. Did your grandsons love them?? That’s just how the clerk was with me too! After all the boring letters that come through there, it must be really fun for them to see Easter eggs!

  11. What an adorable idea, Kierste! I love it! I bet they loved it too! {And how sweet is your mail lady?? So thoughtful…}

    1. Thank you, Jill! They totally loved it–now I can’t wait to try it for other holidays too. :) xoxo

  12. Great idea and thanks for sharing the costs with us! My son always asks if he has mail. He would be so excited to get that!


  13. This is such a great idea!! I am going to be doing this for a ton of little kids in our life this year!

  14. Amazing! I mean I just came here to see where they bought those jumbo eggs, it’s a school project. Anyway, I found this and it was really awesome! I’d love to get Easter eggs in my mail, too. I don’t have children yet but, maybe I can try to mail this to little kids around my neighborhood. :)

  15. Just curious if you put your return address onto the egg? The woman at the post office actually refused to accept my eggs because there was no return address, but I didn’t want to put one because I thought it would get confusing. She had multiple qualms about me trying to mail eggs, so I think she was just being difficult!

    1. I did put our return address on it, but my eggs were huge, and it was easier for it to be in the top left, and the “to” address in the middle center. If you have less space, you could always put “FROM” and “TO” to help the confusion. That being said, I think she was being difficult. :) Our post office had no second thoughts about it, and said they love to see fun and different things come through!! So sorry that happened!!!!

  16. I’m doing this today for my daughter who is having her first Easter away form home. This will be fun. Thanks for sharing.

  17. What a cute idea. I went to the post office today and the lady REFUSE to mail our eggs. She said that I couldn’t send that and that was it. So I just bought stamps and I’m going to just put them in the blue mailbox and see if our relatives receive them. My kids were very sad that we took the eggs back home.

    1. What??!! I’m so sorry! I can’t believe she did that. I would try another post office!! You’ll have to let me know how the stamps/blue box works. I hope they get them!

  18. I just mailed a jumbo Easter egg. Bigger than the ones you sent and the post office totally took it and ah no problem with shipping it.

  19. Loved this idea. Put together some eggs and went to the post office. Our post office is known for having really unhelpful employees and they did not disappoint. After arguing with the clerk for ten minutes, he finally called his boss who told him they were acceptable. He was not happy with me at all! Charged me about $6.50 each but I didn’t care. And they arrived intact.

    1. Robyn, I’m so sorry you had such a problem!! Did they charge you a set amount per egg, or by weight? I’ve mailed them from three or four different post offices and never had an issue, thankfully. Is there another post office you could try? I’m glad they ended up mailing them, and I’m with you–it’s worth the cost! :)

  20. My son sent an egg to his great aunt this afternoon. He is so excited for her to get it. The ladies at the post office were so excited when he carried it in. They were telling my kids a lot of different odd things that you mail

    1. Yay! I’m so glad! That’s so fun—for the person doing the mailing and the person receiving! xoxo

  21. I had no idea the post office would accept a thing that wasn’t packaged in a box or envelope! This is great news. I have brother in a small nursing home where the residents would love to get something like that. I could fill them with little puzzles, wind up Easter themed toys, and other cute things because most of them can’t have candy. Thank you for sharing this terrific idea! And have a blessed Easter!

    1. Yes–it’s so fun that the post office will ship other things too. Sending it your brother and the other residents of his nursing home is a fantastic idea!! SO fun!

  22. I ran across this on FB last week. Today I picked up a few eggs at the Dollar Tree. One for my mom in Florida and one for my nephew who is a freshman in college. I thought it would be fun to send an egg full of treats to his college mail box!

    1. Yay! It’s perfect for loved ones that don’t live close…and so great for college kids!! So fun!! xoxo

  23. I sent coconuts one time, you can send lots of things if it is secure and addressed. I am going to send these eggs this year.

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