Folded Bunny Ear Napkins

Adorably easy folded bunny ear napkins, perfect for your Easter table setting.

Easter is in just a couple of weeks, and I can’t wait! I love to decorate the table for Easter dinner, and it’s usually something simple. One of my favorite ideas is to make folded bunny ear napkins for place settings. They literally take just minutes, and they are SO cute!

Folded Bunny Ears Napkins

Folded Bunny Ear Napkins

These are really perfect for any Easter table. They’re fun enough that kids love them, but elegant enough for an adult table. If you feel like you want to decorate your table, but either don’t have a lot of time or want something simple, this is what you need! You can even customize them to make it your own. I love that they’re so easy and simple, but yet look like they’re not!

The design and pattern of the napkin will really make the difference in the overall style. Buffalo check and gingham are always at the very top of my list, and this bring spring green is so lovely. Other options I love are ticking, and also a plain muslin or natural linen.

And…I have a confession. Sometimes I use cute dishtowels instead of cloth napkins! It’s really about finding a fabric that fits what I want to do. If it’s a smaller dishtowel, they’ll work just as well.

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Folded Bunny Ear Napkins

Folding Napkins Bunny Ears

I have a video below that will show you these steps, but I like seeing instructions laid out in pictures so I can go back and really look at each step if needed. The process is very simple, and once you’ve seen how it works, you’ll be able to make them in no time.

VIDEO: How to fold napkins into bunny ears

Items You’ll need to make and FOld Napkin Bunny Ears

  • Rolled napkins (instructions below)
  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Scissors
  • Jute or twine
  • Small bunch of flowers or greenery
Folding Bunny Ear Napkins

Folding Napkins into Bunny Ears

Step 1:

Lay out your napkin on a hard surface. If it’s rectangle instead of square, fold it over so it’s in a square shape–or as close as possible. It’s fine if they’re not ironed–you won’t see the wrinkles once it’s all put together. But if there are massive wrinkles, consider smoothing them out, so they won’t show on the ears.

Step 2:

Starting with one of the points, fold the napkin in to make a triangle. You’ll see in the picture below that mine has a bit of an extra edge once I folded it over, because it wasn’t perfectly square. That’s okay!

Step 3:

Turn the napkin so the point is at the top, then start folding over from the bottom–between 1-1.5 inch folds.

Step 4:

Continue rolling until it’s at the top!

Step 5:

Place an egg in the center of your rolled up napkin, then pull up each side of the napkin around it. Secure with jute, twine, or ribbon. Tuck a small bunch of flowers or bit of greenery into the jute. During the summer I use greenery from my yard, but it’s still too cold at Easter to trees and bushes haven’t filled in yet. But if you live somewhere warmer, you can definitely utilize what you have!

How to fold Bunny Ear Napkins

Easter Table Place Settings: Bunny Ear Napkins

Now you’re ready to add them to your plate! I always use white plates, so any color of napkin works. But if you have colored or patterned plates, take that into consideration when choosing your napkins.

Folded Bunny Ear Napkins
Folded Bunny Ear Napkins

Buffalo Check Napkins

Buffalo check is always a favorite of mine! I used this lovely green, but a neutral would also be so cute. Pale pink, kelly green, and a pale yellow are also great options for an Easter table color scheme. I also found these adorable Easter buffalo check napkins, with several colors in them!

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