Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas: Room Refresh

A bedroom refresh for my daughter with simple, fun teen girl bedroom ideas!

Over the years my twin girls’ bedrooms have slowly morphed from what they had as children, through the early tween/teen years, and now into what they need as teens. Things have changed as they grew and discovered their own styles, and also how they need their room to function. When they were younger they didn’t spend as much time in their room, since we keep toys in the playroom. Now they are doing their hair and makeup, working on homework, and chatting with friends!

They’ve each recently had a room refresh, with small updates that work well for how they utilize their room space. Today I’m sharing one of those rooms, and a few teen girl bedroom ideas that have made a difference for them.

teen girl bedding set

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

One of my girls loves to read, and is working on her book collection. A bunch of her wall space is taken up by bookshelves, and she even downsized to a twin bed to make more room! She still really needed a place to do her homework, and also to put on her makeup and do her hair. With five kids upstairs sharing bathrooms, it can get a little crowded, so she likes doing some of that in her room. We made a few changes in her room that have made a huge difference, but didn’t cost a lot of money.

She also doesn’t have a large room, so utilizing the available space was really important.

A Multi-Functional Desk

This girl needed a desk! It really was top of our list to bring her room together and give her both function and aesthetics. A desk is a great option for versatility in a bedroom. We had her list out her design requests, and nailed down what multi-purposes it would be used for. It’s absolutely perfect for her room, and fits everything she needed.

  • Homework: She has a heavy academic load, and needed a quiet space she could work, away from younger kids and noise. We added a slide out drawer for her keyboard, so it didn’t take up a lot of space on the desk.
teen girl bedroom desk
  • Makeup/Hair: There are often lines to get in to the bathroom, and giving her a separate place to do her makeup and hair helps everyone. Now she has plenty of room to get ready. She has a cute mirror that folds up and works perfectly for sitting on the desk, and also fitting in a cabinet for storage if necessary.
teen girl bedroom desk makeup space

We added small sections in the top drawer to hold her makeup and also other items she wanted to store in there.

teen girl desk drawer makeup
teen girl makeup drawer
teen girl makeup desk
  • Art/Design: She loves to design and work on art projects, and this would be a dedicated space for that as well. With room for her computer, plus plenty of tabletop room to spread out paints, pens, and other art media, this was another utilization of the desk.
teen girl bedroom desk

We also added this super cute pink rolling cart, for extra book storage.

teen girl bedroom ideas

Cozy Bedding

With a smaller bed size, she also was in need for some new bedding. I found the cutest set that totally fits her style and desired color scheme (pale pink and green). Reversible, it has a dainty floral on one side, and green gingham check on the other. She often changes it up as she feels like it.

Her initial is above the bed, and at 24×36, it fills the space perfectly. Cute new little lamp in white and gold completes the look!

teen girl bedroom ideas

I added a bunch of pillows in different shapes, sizes, and textures, and they’re perfectly cozy too. A bedrest pillow was another must…for when she reads in bed!

teen girl bedding

The gingham is so cute!

teen girl bedding

Bedroom Shopping Sources

The bedding is currently out of stock as of this posting, but you can get notified when it’s back!

We built our desk, but here are some that I found that are similar. Different price points included.

Makeup Drawer Sources

Since I know I’ll get questions about these items, I thought I’d add them here!

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To make it even easier, here are the Amazon items in the post, and with one click, they’ll be in your cart!

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