Magic Lollipop & Jellybeans Garden

A darling magic Lollipop & Jellybean Garden, a super fun family Easter activity that kids will LOVE! Perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

Magic Jelly Beans & Lollipop Garden | Easter Tradition | #eastertradition #jellybeans #easterideas #easterforkids

This year I’ve decided to start a new Easter tradition…a fun & simple idea that I know my kids are going to love. Did you know you can grow your own lollipop garden, starting with “magic” jelly beans?  It’s true!  I was planning to plant my jelly beans outside, but the ground is covered with snow, and with another snowstorm headed our way, so I came up with a way to grow the garden indoors!

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Lollipop Garden for Easter

One night before bed, take a  flower pot and fill it with moss or Easter grass, then sprinkle jelly beans on the top.

Magic Jelly Beans & Lollipop Garden | Easter Tradition | #eastertradition #jellybeans #easterideas #easterforkids

When the kids wake up in the morning, lollipops will have grown where the jelly beans are!

Magic Jelly Beans & Lollipop Garden | Easter Tradition | #eastertradition #jellybeans #easterideas #easterforkids

If you can do this outside, all you need to do is find a small area of grass, or even spot in your garden or flower garden. Sprinkle the jelly beans in the grass or soil, then the lollipops can stick right into the ground.

But if you live where it’s cold and snowy like I do, or you don’t have an outside area that will work, this indoor version is perfect.

I also love the idea of doing the flower pots, so that each child can have their own lollipop garden, and plant their own “seeds”.

What a fun Easter tradition!

Magic Jelly Beans & Lollipop Garden | Easter Tradition |


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Magic Lollipop & Jellybean Garden

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