How to Make a Root Beer Float for Dad

How to make a root beer float for dad on his big day…Father’s Day! Add a fun mustache printable and let him know he’s “fan-tache-tic”.

Father’s Day is a few weeks away, and I wanted to come up with a fun dessert idea not only for my husband, but for a celebration of a group of dads from our church. It didn’t take me long to think of root beer floats, which are classic favorite. And with Father’s Day in June, it matches the warm weather too! I created a super cute mustache printable to go with it, so that these dads would know they are “fan-tache-tic”!

how to make a root beer float

How to Make a Root Beer Float

They are two ingredients in a root beer float…root beer and vanilla ice cream. It’s an easy, uncomplicated treat, but you do have more options than you might think!

Vanilla ice cream: My favorite is Vanilla Bean, but there’s also plain Vanilla, and French Vanilla. They all taste just a bit different, but still with that yummy vanilla taste.

Root beer: My go-to is A&W, but IBC and Barq’s are also really good. Try a local favorite root beer if that’s an option. You could even use individual bottles of Dad’s root beer for an extra fun touch.

The next question is…are you Team Ice Cream or Team Root Beer?

I’m personally Team Ice Cream, because I think creamier makes the best float, but everyone gets a chance to decide if they want more of one than the other. You may need to try it a few times to discover which one you like best!

You can serve them in mason jars, but if you have a crowd, strong plastic cups will work well.

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Celebrate Father’s Day with an Ice Cream Float Bar

And if you’re interested in making any other kinds of floats…check out my Ice Cream Float Bar menu! Apple Pie, Salted Caramel, Purple Cow, Orange Creamsicle, Piña Colada, Mint Chip, and more can all be on the menu.

You can use the printable and mustache with any float you make, so you can really tailor it to the dads’ preferences and favorites.

One of my favorite things about floats is that they’re so flexible, and easy to make for a few or for a crowd!

ice cream float bar and recipes

Mustache Printable Tag

I thought it was so cute to not only have this tag, but add the mustache to the front of the jar too! I used fake mustaches, not just paper ones, so the dad (or dads) of honor can actually wear their mustache while they’re enjoying their root beer floats!

Items you need:

mustache printable

I also made a tag that’s not specifically a Father’s day printable, so it can be used for a different event or celebration. They would be really fun for a birthday party or another celebration!


Print on to white cardstock, cut out the tags leaving a bit of a white border. Use washi tape to attach the tag to a paper straw. Adhere the fake mustache to the outside of the cup. It’s easiest to remove the paper backing just in the center of the mustache where it will stick to the jar. Then the sides don’t accidentally stick to something they shouldn’t, and it looks cute to have them sticking out straight rather than curving around the jar or cup.

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