I’m So Glad When Daddy Comes Home…Father’s Day Printables

With Father’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to come up with a fun idea for the kids at our church to give to their dads. We had 150+ kids, so I needed to come up with something that would work with a small budget, but also really cute & fun. I created a darling printable, and I’m in love with how it turned out. It’s perfect for one dad or 500!

 father's day printable | oldsaltfarm.com

 Isn’t it darling?  I think the dads are going to love it! I’m going to have them each write a little note or draw a picture on the back to personalize it.  So fun!!

father's day printable | oldsaltfarm.com

It’s incredibly easy to put together…just print, cut out, distress edges (if you want to), then use a piece of double stick tape to attach a Hershey kiss.  I used Cookies ‘n Creme kisses, because the wrapper matched.  ☺  The regular silver kisses would be cute too!

I also made a printable including the word “kiss” at the end, so it could be used as a tag–or even as the front of a card.  I filled an empty Crystal Light container (my FAVORITE for gift-giving!!!) with kisses, then tied the tag on with ribbon.  Simple…and perfect!

father's day printable | oldsaltfarm.com

father's day printable | oldsaltfarm.com


Printable Tag (no space for Hershey kiss)

Printable with space for Hershey kiss (4 to a page)

Printable with space for Hershey kiss (2 to a page)

Printable card

 (print, cut, and fold in half–the image is 5 inches, so cut along the sides and bottom, then up 5 more inches on top.  Fold in half, and the image will be on top.)

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  1. I thought I should specify that I would love the tag printable file. We would like to give these to the men for Father’s Day at church.

  2. Thank you Kierste!!! I’m in charge of the Father’s Day cards in Primary this year and came across these on Pinterest. Can I just say….PERFECT!!! The Primary President wanted to give the dads Hershey’s Kisses, and the kids are singing THIS song on sacrament meeting ? If I could upload a picture to you I would. I found some little treat boxes at Dollar Tree that fit the tags exactly, and we’ll be using the card for a display at the treat table for all the rest of the men in the branch that don’t have Primary aged kids. Thanks for these! You’re awesome!!

    1. YAY!!!! I’m so glad they’re what you’re looking for! It all sounds so perfect. I’d love to see a picture—you can email me at simplykierste@yahoo.com! :)

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