Measuring Tape Father’s Day Gift & Printable

UPDATE:  I’ve included the printable with no date, so it will never expire, and can be used from year to year! Download at bottom of post!

  Along with a couple of other girls that I work with at church, we wanted to give all the dads in our church a small gift.   Enter in…the measuring tape!  It’s a staple in every workshop and toolbox, and we think they are going to love it! It’s so simple and fun!

measuring tape gift |

We’re girls…we had to cute-ify it, right?  ☺ Don’t you love it?

Okay, here are all the details…

1.  The measuring tape came from Party City, and they were 99 cents each.  My darling friend traveled to several stores to get as many as we needed, and she discovered that they might not be the same price at each store.  She did get the prices matched, but I wanted to pass info on to you.  They are in the party favors section, and have a baby sticker on it.

2.  I wanted to cover the old sticker with a new one, so I created this printable to be the same size–1.5 inches–and printed it out full sheet white labels. I used a 1.5 circle punch to punch them out, then placed them right on top of the old sticker!!

3. If you want to use a measuring tape that this sticker wouldn’t work with, you can always print it out on white cardstock, and use it as a tag instead!!!

measuring tape gift |


loved beyond measure no date

Here’s an image for the tag that has no text at all at the bottom, in case you would like to use it for another father’s event not associated with Father’s Day.  Just click on the image, and save to your computer.  You can then insert it into Word as a picture, and re-size it as you need it!

You are loved beyond measure | A gift for dads |


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